‘Super Fun Night’ to Premiere With Its Second Episode

Credit: ABC

Credit: ABC

In what might be a telling sign of ABC’s faith in the series, the new Rebel Wilson comedy Super Fun Night will premiere with its second episode instead of its pilot, reports.

Super Fun Night was scheduled to air its pilot on Wednesday, Oct. 2 at 9:30, introducing Kimmie (Wilson) and her socially inept pals, who spend their Friday nights indoors, until a job promotion forces Kimmie to give the nightlife a go.

But now the the Oct. 2 premiere will feature the girls’ trip to a “piano bar,” where Kimmie will attempt to overcome her greatest fear: singing in public. ABC didn’t give a reason for premiering the series with its second episode, and there’s been no indication that the pilot will ever officially air. This could be a result of the poor response the pilot has received. Wilson is still a highly recognizable face, and ABC likely wants to put its best foot forward with the comedy. Although if first impressions were everything, Last Resort would still be around. (Sigh)

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What are you expecting Nick? Do you think it will be a good show?

NickRoman1 moderator

@KelberTozini To be honest, I'm not even sure, haha. 

I try to give every new fall show a fair shake and going in assuming it at least has the chance to be good. And I try to give every new fall show a look, even if just the pilot, and even if I'm not reviewing it, just to keep up with the season since TV is my main beat here. So I try to keep an open mind, even though there are some shows that I can probably expect to suck.