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Suor Cristina Scuccia – The Voice of Italy 2014 – No One

Suor (Sister) Cristina Scuccia sings “No One” by Alicia Keys on The Voice of Italy Series 2!

OMG she’s a nun! Incredible! Amazing. Shock of the coaches’ lives when she got four chairs!

I love love love The Voice!

I really hope she continues being a nun and doesn’t let showbiz currupt her. Look at what Miley Cyrus is doing now. Pop singing could be Suor Christina’s vocation. I am totally blown away by this audition.


She’s 25 years old from Sicily and when asked by one of the coaches if she was real, she said she’s really a nun.

She said that she’s on The Voice because she has a gift that she is sharing with everyone.

She doesn’t know what the Vatican thinks of her being on The Voice, but she’ll be waiting for Pope Francis to give her a call.

Coach J-Ax said: “We together are the Devil and the Holy Water. You have to choose me. You must choose me.”

Results: Sour Cristina Scuccia chooses Team J-Ax

Admittedly, I watched this a second time and I got emotional on the second run. She is truly an inspiration. And I’m an atheist! Go Sister Cristina!

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Suor Cristina Scuccia - The Voice of Italy 2014 - No One

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