Suits – Season 2 Finale – Episode 16 – Recap and Review – War

Heading into Season 3 territory, Suits destroyed virtually every relationship we cared about. Thus, the Season 2 finale was a “War” to remember, leaving poor Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) to take the brunt of the battle between Harv (Gabriel Macht) and Jessica (Gina Torres). Getting slapped twice sucks. That is, Mike was figuratively bitch slapped by those two, and, of course, literally double-slapped by someone else. Rachel (Meghan Markle) is pissed, you guys, so the sex had to be amazing.

The episode opened with a flash-forward! Whenever an episode of a show starts like this, my immediate reaction tends to be along the lines of, “Either I am so lost right now, or I’m just plain dumb.” Of course, we weren’t intended to know what had brought Jessica to threaten Mike, forcing him to possibly ruin his relationship with Harvey over “the file.”

USA "Suits"

USA “Suits”

Six nights earlier, the whole damn crew, Brits included, partied formal-style at an event. There, Mike passed off three pieces of paper that Harvey had requested, much to Mike’s displeasure. The pieces of information were then handed, quite confidently, from our man Harvey over to Edward (Conleth Hill), the leader of the British firm with which Jessica had planned a secret merger behind Harvey’s back. Harvey had scrounged up three possible lawsuits against one of Edward’s clients. This virtual “Game of Thrones” (because Edward plays Lord Varys, and I can’t get over it) took an interesting turn. If Harvey could beat Edward in court, the merger was off. If Harvey lost, he’d welcome them with open arms. Once Jessica caught wind, things got sloppy for Harv. If Harvey were to lose, his guaranteed name on the door would be revoked entirely. He’d have to humbly earn it.

The next day, Harvey took out his frustrations on Scotty (Abigail Spencer), with whom he’d felt the most betrayed. She alleged that her plan all along was to succeed together, yet Harvey could no longer bring himself to trust his former flame. Once a cheater, always a cheater?

At the firm, Rachel confided in Mike surrounding her recent rejection from Harvard. Pity not allowed, though. Mike was enlisted to help Rachel get her revenge for having presumably been rejected due to Louis’s (Rick Hoffman) rocky relationship with Sheila. Rachel concocted a scheme to go above Sheila’s head, having graduates like Mike sign letters to Harvard vouching. Mike, though, is only a “graduate” not a graduate. Thankfully, he’d never have to go through with Rachel’s scheme, having learned the truth from Louis. In the end, Mike advised Louis to make things right before Rachel carried on with unnecessarily embarrassing herself.

At the event, Louis had come across the British version of himself, and both were asked to make efficiency lists for Pearson Hardman, most likely to trim excess fat in the coming merger. Unfortunately for Louis, Nigel was a better him than he’d assumed him to be. Got that? Whatever, Nigel was the better Louis.

Edward’s preliminary plan of action was to have his client’s ties to banks freeze the assets of Harvey’s funding. Basically, Harvey’s back was pinned against the wall before the ball even got rolling, and his confidence took a secret blow. He maintained a good game-face, though. Harvey hadn’t realized that he was the fox in this hunt, and the fox always gets a head start in the game. That’s why it’s fun, Harv! Mike did some digging and managed to find an international law that prohibited the freezing of assets in a case. Unfortunately, Edward had known of this factor and discovered a known British loophole that negated the repercussions so long as the opponent was given notice. You see, he was covering his own ass while embarrassing Harvey, not to mention the fact that even accusing Edward of acting inappropriately threatened to hurt his case citing “malicious litigation.” Yikes, law talk hurts this writer’s brain.

In a similar move, Edward appointed Scotty to represent him in the case while he traveled. Using an underling would further peeve Harvey, yet in reality, he was taking in meetings with other firms as backup plans. Jessica called him out on his cowardice, realizing that he’d been more afraid of Harvey than he’d been letting on. Precautions are always a good tactic, if you ask Edward. Jessica knew what she was doing. They needed Harvey to lose in order for him to stay. He needed a slice of humble pie. If he were to win, he’d get cocky and leave. Here, Edward learned how valuable Harv is to Jessica.

USA "Suits"

USA “Suits”

Louis surprised Harvey with his support that evening. Why would Louis want to merge, only to lose everything that makes him the best of the best at what he does in a sea of partners? It would diminish his power and respect. With nowhere else to turn, Louis offered him a way to break down the wall his back had been pinned to. Information on the merger came along with his efficiency testing. This is where Harvey started to lose Mike, who began to realize Harvey was crossing lines.

Mike was set to meet with Scotty in place of Harvey, if only to make things fairer, yet he found Jessica waiting for him instead. Scotty popped in on Harvey, pleading with him to give in. Jessica, meanwhile, intercepted Mike’s file and continued to threaten the crap out of Harvey, who’d started to get under her skin. At this point, it was looking more and more like the match was even.

In the file stacks, Scotty sought out Donna (Sarah Rafferty) for love advice. Of course, we want Harvey and Donna to end up together (right?), but that seems to be a storyline that is still half-baked. Donna’s advice on hooking Harv; risk everything with no guarantee. Scotty was willing to go there for Harvey, so she cornered Mike on the street and gave him confidential information that would most definitely ruin her case. Who knows what she gave him, but Mike new it was a win stashed inside a blue folder. Scotty warned him to avoid letting Harvey in on her part in the scheme for fear of hurting his pride. He’d toss it out. Harvey is Harvey, though, and he put two and two together as soon as Mike brought his “findings” to his office.

Harvey was absolutely against a win that felt like cheating, but Donna managed to convince him to act otherwise. Finally, someone called Harvey out for his continuous efforts to push anyone who loves him away.

Harvey: “Is this about you?”

Of course not!..

Donna had him pinned; he was against the merger because he was afraid of the coming of Scotty. Not afraid of losing to her, but rather, afraid of being with her. Donna had already given Mike the file to ready four hours prior, knowing she’d easily convince Harvey to suck it up.

USA "Suits"

USA “Suits”

Meanwhile, Louis had bumped into Nigel, his counterpart, after taking in a show. Over drinks, the two bonded over their similarities. Neither have many friends due to their uncanny ability to criticize and alienate. Louis recanted a story of being bullied as a kid, only to switch on his “mean” and rip into his antagonist, taunting him for being a lifetime loser in the making. They not only stopped bullying him, they never spoke to him again. The two agreed to swallow their pride and leave each other off of their efficiency lists. Cheers, to a new friendship! Not so fast, the next day Louis let Donna in on the fact that he ended up including Nigel, knowing that Nigel would do the same. It’s in their blood!..  only not in Nigel’s. According to Donna, he stayed true to his promise. Knowing he’d ruined things between himself and Nigel permanently, Louis decided to make up for his misstep by making things right with Rachel.

Finally, we’d caught up to the flash-forward from the episode’s start. Clued in, we realized that Jessica, in a last ditch effort, had decided to threaten Mike with outing his secret and sending him to jail if he refused to toss the file. Having no choice, Mike let Harvey down. Without letting Mike explain much at all, Harvey sent him back to the associates pool, just before attempted to fire him. Jessica stepped in to protect Mike’s job and scolded Harvey for attempting to go above her. He’d stay at the firm and learn his place. In the end, everyone cheated. Everyone played dirty.

Having laid everything on the line, Scotty found herself fired for her attempted maneuver in the name of lovin’ Specter. Harvey let her go, as we knew he would, but met with Edward just after to eat crow. In the conference room, he shook to the merger and asked Edward to have Scotty rehired. After all, the merger was truly her doing. Question; England or New York, Harv?

The episode closed with Rachel confronting Mike surrounding his lies. She felt he betrayed her by outing her plan to Louis. A faux-lawyer can only endure so much in a given episode, though, and Mike exploded with his true secret. After confessing to Rachel, he’d earned himself a tearful double-slap. Just like in real-life law firms, angry double-slaps and painful tears led to some pretty passionate sex within the rows of files.

USA "Suits"

USA “Suits”

What did you all think of the Suits Season 2 finale, Episode 16, “War”? Where does this leave Harvey and Mike? How about Rachel and Mike? What will the merger lead to in Season 3? Are we in for more Scotty? If so, could we be looking at a love triangle that includes Donna?

Thanks for reading my Recap and Review of the Suits finale, Season 2 Episode 16, “War”!

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