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I feel somewhat conflicted about tonight’s episode of Suits. On the one hand, it was clear that the writers were treating tonight as a set-up episode. Now do not get me wrong, I love a good set-up episode. In fact, I think they are very necessary to ensure a nice payoff. On the other hand, however, I did not feel like anything new was truly added with this one. Harvey is cracking under the pressure, and without Donna it is even more apparent. Jessica is fighting for her life, both personally and professionally, like she has been all season. Louis continues to transform into a real person before our eyes, even if he remains true to his inherent nature. Mike and Rachel start circling each other again romantically, because duh. Still, what about any of those things is new? It just felt like this episode was a placeholder, and did not have any real purpose.

To be fair, tonight had a tough week to follow after last week’s huge episode. Anything was going to be a little weaker in comparison, and I expected a little bit of letdown. Also, I do recognize that Harvey learning about Louis taping him and Mike was a step forward plot wise. Naturally, that will come into play somewhere down the line, and I suspect in a significant way. Yet, I do not think you can hang an entire episode of fifty-eight minutes of nothing, followed by two minutes of actual relevance. It just does not work, at least for me.

Ultimately, what saved this week’s Suits from being a complete dud was one thing—it was easily one of the funniest episodes the show has ever had. I cannot even begin to list all of the exchanges and moments that had me rolling, because the list would practically be the whole episode. Here were my highlights:

-Harvey and Jessica talking about her prank and him peeing in Louis’ office.

-Mike saying he had a bomb in the middle of NYC.

-Rachel and Mike listening to Louis’ Dictaphone.

-Harvey flicking Thomas off in his countdown.

-Mike’s comment about Sunday afternoon playing bridge with his grandma.

-Louis practicing ballet moves.

-Any and everything Harold was involved in. Ever.

I could seriously go on and on, but I will leave it there. Suffice to say, the show was firing on all cylinders tonight when it came to humor. So yes, while the show might have been spinning its wheels a little narratively, I still thought it delivered a very entertaining hour of television.

Quick hits:

So who did not see Harvey losing it even more without Donna? If not, what show have you been watching? That end scene with Louis was a little unsettling to say the least, and the camera angle definitely did not help. Man is becoming unhinged. I will definitely admit he played Thomas (the opposing CEO) really well in that card game, pun intended. I totally sided with Jessica in her argument with Harvey though. He was simply chasing an impossible win just to see if he could make it happen, and it almost cost him. I understand he is making the argument that he won and he and the firm really needed a win, but that was not the way to go about it. When you are betting 30 million dollars just to prove a point to yourself and to feel better, you have definitely lost the plot.

Speaking of which, Donna!!!!!!!!!! Come back!!!!!!!!!!! Look, I get she needs to be gone for it to make sense in-universe, but I hated not seeing her tonight. Luckily, she will be back next week, and it seems in a very central role. Good. Do not let this happen again, show!

And Jessica proves once again that she is scary ruthless. Woman just knows how to deliver a smackdown, and in crippling fashion. For God’s sake, she just pushed around a judge like it was nothing; like she would some junior opposing counsel. The day somebody can beat Jessica, or even go toe-to-toe with her, should be a day people are in fear of.

The Louis and Rachel scenes were all sorts of wonderful. Just like Rachel was a little concerned about how much she liked Louis, I too was a little disconcerted with how much I enjoyed them together. Hell, they could challenge Mike and Harvey when it comes to dynamic duos. Part of what I love about them is that they get each other. Mike and Harvey are naturally gifted, whereas Rachel and Louis had to work for everything they have. It also does not hurt that both feel underappreciated and overlooked. This marks two episodes in a row where they have had some nice moments together, and I would like to see that continue.

That boy temp, Cameron I believe, never had a chance. Doomed from the beginning.

This really has not been Mike’s season, has it? He is certainly there and involved in the action, but even his solo scenes just seem like throwaways. Maybe that will change later on, but who knows. I figure after last season obviously being primarily focused on him, it is okay to share the wealth.

No Trevor or Jenny, yay!

No Grandma Ross, boo!

Shorter recap tonight for sure, but that is because there is not much to discuss. Next week looks like it will be bringing a lot more in the drama department, so I am looking forward to that!

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