Suits – Season 2 Episode 12 – Recap and Review – Blood in the Water

During “Blood in the Water,” our favorite Suits law-folk, along with regular old super-human, Mike (Patrick J. Adams), were forced to clean up shop after their recent shake-up surrounding that evil hound Harding. Season 2 Episode 12 saw Harvey (Gabriel Macht) scrambling to maintain his clientele. Under the guise of his calm/cool/collected mug sat deep-seated anger surrounding the conniving yet clownish Louis (Rick Hoffman). Mike got punched.

The episode opened with Mike “getting his shit together.” For Mike, that meant vacuuming up his weed stash. Nooooo! You’re telling me someone out there couldn’t have used that? Meanwhile, Harvey arrived promptly on time after his anticipated getaway with Zoe had fizzled. Unfortunately, the trip never happened, as we remember. Donna (Sarah Rafferty) was able to crack Harvey’s serious demeanor by analyzing the time he’d clocked in. 8am sharp? Just before would mean an awful trip, and just after would mean a great weekend, obviously. 8am sharp meant that the romantic vacation never happened.

USA "Suits"

USA “Suits”

How would Harvey take out his aggression? By kicking the brainiac dog, Mike, of course! Harvey was livid to find that Mike was half an hour late, having spent the extra thirty “cleaning up his act.” A client of Harvey’s, Trent, had shown up for an impromptu meeting surrounding taking his website public. This is where we caught our first hint of trouble over at Pearson Hardman. Trent was ready to jump ship, setting aside his fondness and trust for Harvey in favor of a more stable law firm. Harvey wasn’t prepared to discuss the new legal filing procedures that were apparently scaring Trent, but Mike would have been able to inform the both of them. Mike, however, wasn’t there! Thus, the dog got kicked hard.

Jessica (Gina Torres) had been busy dealing with her own similar situation, heading over to speak with Louis surrounding why his own client was gearing up to leave their firm. Still paranoid over the fact that many of the team members at Pearson Hardman considered him a traitor, and even more so, that others were still waiting for him to prove his loyalty, Louis followed true to Harvey’s form and took out his own rage on poor Harold (Max Topplin). Harold ended up fired in that fit of rage, after having done nothing wrong to hinder Louis’s client’s case.

Later, Mike ran into former Pearson Hardman employee Jimmy (Pooch Hall) at a bar. Mike’s rough day at the office was capped off with Jimmy sharing news about his incredible position at a rival firm, one that even affords him his own office. Plus, he tipped Mike off to the fact that other associates from Pearson Hardman were getting ready to bail. Mike declined the opportunity to go ahead and leave himself, recognizing that Harvey had truly bent over backwards to make his shot at a career happen.

All of the evidence surrounding certain associates leaving pointed in the direction of that she-beast, Allison Holt (Diane Neal), who always seems up for raining on someone’s parade or playing the perfect villainess. Still, how intimidating can she be when it always seems like her schemes are thwarted? This time, Harvey and Jessica considered the fact that she could be using privileged information from Pearson Hardman, maybe even under the control of Hardman himself, to cherry-pick from their staff for herself.

Even though Rachel (Meghan Markle) had double-checked Harold’s stellar work on the contracts Louis had him working on, he still ended up axed from the firm. Just prior to leaving, he had a talk with Mike surrounding how he used to be an impeccable student, and how Louis’s constant barrage of negativity threw him off of his game. Mike, in a last ditch attempt at saving Harold, pleaded with Louis to groom him into a better lawyer. Louis, apparently, had records of Harold screwing up big time, under his own leadership, of course. Louis’s only offer was for Mike to oversee all of Harold’s work for errors, and Mike couldn’t oblige. Yes, that Duncan is a douchey douche.

Harvey and Donna had been brainstorming ways to butter up his personal clients, when Mike arrived with the realization that those leaving the firm had ties to Louis; his first class of associates. Harvey was subsequently led to believe that Louis was feeding Allison information, which sent him into a tirade that literally made Louis cry. I think it was pretty clear from that scene that Louis wasn’t the one selling out the firm, but his past blunders left Harvey without any reason to think otherwise. All they had to go off of was history, and to Harvey, Louis was no longer an employee. He was totally done! How about when Harvey totally destroyed Louis’s desktop? Yikes.

USA "Suits"

USA “Suits”

After getting obliterated by Harvey, Louis, in a way, followed suit with what Harvey had insinuated. He may not have sold out information, but he was ready to leave himself. During cocktails with Allison, Louis revealed all of his cards, leaving her unconvinced. He would be a great fit at her firm, with a demotion, but he had nothing too solid to bring to the table to earn a senior partnership off the bat. Still, the insinuation that he would be truly appreciated there made the decision for him.

Louis went to Jessica in order to wave the contract stipulation that protected the firm from losing someone important to a competitor. According to Louis, he wouldn’t dream of bringing his clients over, anyway. Jessica sympathized with him, having been burned by Hardman herself, and disagreed with Harvey. They weren’t on the same page, and she wanted Louis to stay.

Harvey and Mike went to talk to his client, Trent, surrounding the seemingly amazing deal Allison had offered him. Because he trusted Harvey’s judgment, he allowed him to read the fine print. The only problem was that it seemed like an incredible deal, specifically because they’d offered to buy the man’s company and give him even more work running another one. It was never Trent’s intention to let his company get swallowed up in a sale, so things seemed way too perfect.

Knowing things were too good to be true, Harvey sent Mike back into the office that night to figure out what the catch in the deal was. Mike, however, was caught off guard by Tess’s husband (!) and ended up having the crap kicked out of him just prior. Upstairs, a beaten-bloody Mike stumbled across Louis, leaving with a box full of his things. Louis, however, was not about to let Mike work in that condition, and in a nice little moment, he helped Mike repair his broken face with a first aid kit in the bathroom. After Louis had patched up Mike, talk turned to Harvey. At one point, Louis and Harvey were friendly rivals, but things never got personal. He could never work next to someone he knew hated his very being.

USA "Suits"

USA “Suits”

In a last ditch effort to keep Louis on board, Mike enlisted his help in cracking the case of the deal offered to Trent. The next day, Mike presented Harvey with the results; Trent’s company had no reason to stay intact. In fact, they’d just be using the deal to buy Trent as a client, forcing him to run their other project once his own company was sold for parts. Harvey knew that Louis had cracked the case, right away.

After securing his client, Trent, by revealing the truth behind Allison’s awful scheme, he met up with her for drinks and appetizers, even going as far as to suggest the “second-tier firm potato skins”! Burn, Harvey. Are potato skins ever top-tier? Not only did Harvey reacquire his client, but he also managed to steal away her dead with the conjoined hedge fund! Allison attempted to toy with Harvey about coming over to her team, but he declined, of course. Still, she had one thing right; his name isn’t on the Pearson Hardman door. That evening, he spoke to Jessica about making that happen, but she never rushes those things. You don’t put someone’s name on the door to feed egos or quell panic. Maybe someday, Harv!

In the end, Mike met with Jimmy one last time to ask for a favor he’d been owed. Instead of taking the offer for a position himself, he passed it on to Harold! Also, Louis’s good deed hadn’t gone unnoticed, Harvey tore up his resignation letter.


What did you all think of Suits Season 2 Episode 12, “Blood in the Water”? Do you think Pearson Hardman will keep it together? What’s going to happen between Mike and Rachel? Is Louis truly on the path to redemption with Harvey?

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