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When you look back at Season 1 of Suits, the biggest question that the show always had you wondering was how committed were Mike (Patrick J. Adams) and Harvey (Gabriel Macht) to each other. Actually, scratch that. We knew Mike was all in with Harvey from the beginning, but you always had a little doubt if the reverse was true. Well, I am glad to say the show has put any of those doubts to rest, at least for me. Now, it is not just the fact that Harvey went to bat for Mike when he needed it most. Hell, he has done that numerous times throughout the series already. Instead, it was that Harvey went against Jessica to save Mike, even when he had nothing to gain from his actions, that really cemented the boys’ relationship.

So far in the series, the only two people that have shown a complete understanding of Harvey Specter, and therefore a close relationship with him, are Donna (Sarah Rafferty) and Jessica (Gina Torres). Donna has always been Harvey’s closest ally and friend, which was illustrated again tonight with their adorable scenes centered around Mike’s firing or lack thereof. They get each other, and I truly doubt anything could tear them apart.

In a different way, Jessica is just as important to Harvey. Jessica has been Harvey’s mentor, his protector for years. That is why it is so important to realize what Harvey’s actions really mean when he backed Mike. Even more so when you realize that Jessica gave Harvey a complete out by feigning ignorance at Mike’s past. There she was, saving her protégé, and instead Harvey chose to save his. Of all the new plot points introduce tonight, that is the most critical. The ramifications from the fact that Harvey and Jessica’s relationship is being held together now to some degree because of the mutual threat Hardman poses to them both is huge. I am willing to bet what was really played out as a tiny moment tonight, will have a rippling effect across the season.

And speaking of Hardman, let’s talk about the returning senior parner. Sure, Daniel Hardman’s (David Constabile) return and the trouble it presents was a little bit of a deus ex machina to get Mike to stay at the firm, but I will let it stand because it totally shifts the show in a new direction. We have pretty much seen Harvey and Jessica in always in complete control. I mean, Louis can present problems sometimes, but he consistently dealt with with little effort. Now all of a sudden, we have somebody playing on their level, evidenced by him doubling down on coming back to the firm and striking back at Harvey and Jessica in an unexpected way. Hardman owning up to his past transgressions both professionally and personally was a brilliant move, because now everybody is on an even playing field. Harvey and Jessica are going to, finally, have a real fight on their hands and I cannot wait. Civil war is truly coming to Pearson Hardman and it is going to be brilliant.

Quick hits:

Donna!!!!!!!!!! God I have missed typing that. Truly, though, I cannot believe I have gone this long without her magnificence. Loved everything she did tonight. Like I said, her interactions with Harvey were lovely, and I especially liked her “tears” comment. I am so glad that the show did not drop blossoming relationship between her and Rachel (Meghan Markle). They really are great together, and I totally see a Harvey/Mike relationship coming from them.

Speaking of Rachel, I guess this is as good of spot as any to comment on her and Mike together. Much like the show treated that narrative tonight, I have always found the Mike and Rachel thing to be a B plot line. Do not get me wrong, I much prefer them together over him and Jenny (Vanessa Ray), but it is not something I am really focused on. They really are cute together, but standard relationship drama just seems so wasted on a show like this. Not to say I dislike Jenny either, but I would be okay if she took a leave of absence. Girl’s character is stagnant, even if she is totally correct on the Mike-Rachel situation. Hell, that is probably why this whole story feels like it is spinning its wheels, because the conclusion is obvious and needed.

I am really glad to have Louis (Rick Hoffman) back on my screen too. I always learn such amazing things, like the fact that seals are rodents of the sea. Who knew? Also, true to Louis form, Harvey plays him perfectly. Damn man, it is time to pick up the game. Although, I think Hardman returning will put Louis in special position of power. Hardman will be looking for allies too, and all of those years of Jessica’s special treatment of Harvey are looking like they will come back to bite her in the ass. That should be interesting to see how it develops. Congratulations are also in order for Louis having the moment of the night when he stole the cancer ribbon from the random junior associate. How perfect was that?

Is it weird that I am not totally convinced of Mike’s story about his parents? On the one hand, it would totally explain the empathy he has for people, especially those who do not have anybody looking out for them. Still, it just seemed like too perfect of an answer; it was as if he had it waiting in the wings to impress somebody like Jessica when it was needed. Eh, I am sure it is true it just caught me off guard.  For as much as we know Mike and Harvey, we really do not know them even now.

Trevor is an asshole, and I hope Mike wrecks him. Just obliterates him. That is all I have to say about him, really.

The case of the week was a little meh, but it was really just an opportunity to demonstrate how far Mike has come. He has learned enough from Harvey to go for the kill, but he stays true to himself enough to not over do it.

Glad to see the random movie references are sticking around. They really are quite fantastic.

My reaction to learning that Hardman threw a phone at Jessica was to yell out, “He Naomied her!

Finally, GRANDMA ROSS IS BACK!!!!!!!! I really missed her the last part of Season 1, so I am trumpeting her triumphant return here. Love her, love her stories, love everything she is. DO NOT TAKE HER AWAY AGAIN, SHOW!

It is looking like it is going to be a great season, and I honestly cannot wait!


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