Spoiler: Desperate Housewives Major Character Death Revealed in Court Testimony

Desperate Housewives executive producer George Perkins revealed a major character death on the show for this Sunday’s episode during testimony in the trial of Nicolette Sheridan vs. the show.

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From THR:

The rumors of a major character’s death on the final season of Desperate Housewives may be settled as a result of testimony in the trial between Nicolette Sheridan and the show’s producers over her character’s elimination from the series.

During his testimony Thursday, executive producer George Perkins dropped a blockbuster on the stand when he revealed that James Denton’s character, Mike Delfino, husband to Teri Hatcher’s Susan, will see his end on this Sunday’s episode.

His revelation was in answer to a question from Sheridan’s lawyer about whether any characters as important as Edie Britt have been killed off since she left.

His answer brought a gasp in the courtroom.

Desperate Housewives Major Character Death

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