Sons of Anarchy – Season 6 Episode 1 – Straw – Review

Sons of Anarchy Season 6Guest Post by Gary G.

Season 6 of Sons of Anarchy premiered last night and the reviews and reactions are mixed, to say the least. “Straw” was an..interesting start to the season.

I was really looking forward this season for a long time but unfortunately, I didn’t like it.

It’s definitely not how it used to be. There’s way too much gore, blood, and plain disgustingness now. It seems Sutter is putting this gore in just to get ratings. Duck Dynasty for example, is on a similar network and has no violence but they still managed to pull in 11.5 million viewers. Sons of Anarchy had significantly less viewers but the quality has gone down.
Kurt Sutter says he’s supposed to need a season or two to finish the story. At this point, the shows have nothing to do with the plot. He seems to be relying more on sex, blood, and violence for shock value.
The first 18 minutes were bits and pieces jumping around back and forth from one thing to another. The only part that I liked was when everybody was taking care of Jax’s kids. That’s the love I’m talking about.
My main reason for wanting to watch this season is to see how Jax runs the club. From what I’ve seen so far, his character is making all the wrong decisions and he’s not running the club right. He’s got to get the club back together, get more members, and they need to get the club back on track.
One thing I can say for Sutter, is that he always adds something new or different. So far, we’ve seen new faces, new enemies coming up, and a lot of twists that he can really do something strong with.
I did not like the scene with the tub of urine and the scenes of the school shooting. It’s controversial, which the show strives to be, but ultimately unnecessary in my opinion. It had nothing to do with the ongoing plot and seemed to be more for shock value than anything else.
We saw very little of Clay’s character which I was kind of bummed about and changing Jax’s character to be a cheater gets depressing. It was a preview of 50 Shades of Grey that’s for sure but ultimately not desirable for his character.
I think the show needs to get back to its roots and try to gain back some of the originality of the earlier seasons. Fans seem divided on the premiere but a lot seem to agree that it could be improved.
The first hour and a half was not a great start for the season. I find the only thing to look forward to in the premiere was Katey Sagal but I hope Kurt Sutter brings a fresh spin on the remaining episodes.

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