Sochi Olympics 2014 – Snowboard Qualifier Results – February 6

Sochi Olympics 2014 - Snowboard Medal Results

The opening ceremony for the Sochi Winter Olympics may not be until today (February 7), but there were a few events yesterday to kick things off.

One of the events to kick off this year’s Winter Olympics was the Snowboarding, beginning with the Men’s Slopestyle qualifier. Coming in first with an outstanding best score of 97.50 was Canada’s Maxence Parrot, while Finland’s Roope Tonteri came in second with 95.75 and Norway’s Staale Sandbech came in third with 94.50. Others who qualified for the final included Great Britian, another competitor from Canada, Sweden and another competitor from Norway. All the other contenders qualified for the semi-final.

As for the Ladies Slopestyle qualifier, Anna Gasser of Austria came out top with 95.50, placing higher than the USA’s Jamie Anderson, who scored 93.50, and Switzerland’s Isabel Derungs, who scored 87.50. Others who qualified for the final included Finland, Canada, and two other competitors from the USA and Switzerland, while the rest of the contenders qualified for the semi-final.

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