Sochi Olympics 2014 Results – Women’s Giant Slalom (Alpine Skiing)

Sochi Olympics 2014 - Women's Giant Slalom (Alpine Skiing)

The 2nd run of the Women’s Giant Slalom was held today at the Sochi Winter Olympics. Their total time over the 2 runs was what was taken into account when determining medal winners.

GOLD: Tina Maze (Slovenia)
Times: 1:17.88, 1:18.99
Total: 2:36.87

SILVER: Anna Fenninger (Austria)
Times: 1:18.73, 1:18.21
Total: 2:36.94

BRONZE: Viktoria Rebensburg (Germany)
Times: 1:19.24, 1:17.90
Total: 2:37.14

Just missing out were those from Italy, the USA and Sweden.

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