Sochi Olympics 2014 Results – Men’s Giant Slalom (Alpine Skiing)

Sochi Olympics 2014 Results - Men's Giant Slalom (Alpine Skiing)

More Slalom events at the Sochi Winter Olympics today, and this time it was the turn of the Men’s Giant Slalom in the Alpine Skiing. Times were calculated over the course of two runs.

GOLD: Ted Ligety (USA)
Times: 1:21.08, 1:24.21
Total: 2:45.29

SILVER: Steve Missillier (France)
Times: 1:22.58, 1:23.19
Total: 2:45.77

BRONZE: Alexis Pinturault (France)
Times: 1:22.44, 1:23.49
Total: 2:45.93

Just missing out on a medal were athletes from Austria, the Czech Republic and Germany.

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