Sochi Olympics 2014 Results – Luge Team Relay Competition

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The last medal winning event of the day today at the Sochi Winter Olympics was the Luge Team Relay Competition. With each team consisting of four members, the level of teamwork required shows the truly impressive feats they each achieved. However, three came out on top.

GOLD: Natalie Geisenberger, Felix Loch, Tobias Wendl & Tobias Arlt (Germany)
Times: 54.095, 55.639, 55.915
Total: 2:45.649

SILVER: Tatyana Ivanova, Albert Demchenko, Alexander Denisyev & Vladislav Antonov (Russia)
Times: 54.429, 55.775, 56.475
Total: 2:46.679

BRONZE: Eliza Tiruma, Martins Rubenis, Andris Sics & Juris Sics (Latvia)
Times: 54.745, 56.048, 56.502
Total: 2:47.295

Not making it to the podium included teams from Canada, Italy and the USA.

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