Sochi Olympics 2014 Results – Individual Gundersen LH/10km Cross-Country

Sochi Olympics 2014 Results - Individual Gundersen LH 10km Cross Country

It was the turn of the Individual Gundersen LH/10km Cross-Country today at the Sochi Winter Olympics, under the Nordic Combined category. The medal winners took a combined total of a large hill jump and the following cross country race.

GOLD: Joergen Graabak (Norway)
Jump Score: 118.4
Race Time: 22:45.5

SILVER: Magnus Hovdal Moan (Norway)
Jump Score: 117.8
Race Time: 22:43.1

BRONZE: Fabian Riessle (Germany)
Jump Score: 115.1
Race Time: 22:33.1

France, Austria and Japan also ranked highly in this event.

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