SnapChat Hacked – 4.6 million users’ phone numbers leaked

Happy New Year! 4.6 million phone numbers and user names from SnapChat have been leaked on the Internet.

The user names and phone numbers are readily available here. The site is taking donations for all its troubles in Bitcoin.

You can check if you’ve been hacked here.

Thankfully I don’t use SnapChat so I’m safe.

Have a Happy New Year 2014 everyone!

Last November 2013, SnapChat turned down a $3 Billion buyout offer from Facebook.

Note: Not a hoax.

SnapChat Hacked - 4.6 million users' phone numbers leaked

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Hah!  I bet Facebook hired someone to hack them.

Then, their value as a company will be less and they will end up selling for less than what they were offered!