Smash – Publicity – Recap

Rebecca’s rewrites and lack of musical talent has the team struggling to keep it together. When she asks to hang out with Karen, everyone wonders why. She treats Karen to her glamorous lifestyle and begins to butter her up. What is she up to?

She asks Karen to sing for her at a club. She’s checking out her competition. A wailing baby on Youtube could be competition for her. But unfortunately for Rebecca, Karen sounds amazing on this song. I don’t think that’s what she wanted to hear. However, she hugs her new BFF and possible lesbian lover and even suggests her for the new song that was added to the show.

She goes out to dinner at an Indian restaurant with Karen and Dev and instigates an argument that Dev will get in the way of her being a star. Is she trying to unravel Karen’s life? Karen zones out during this and suddenly there’s a Bollywood musical number. I don’t really know what’s happening. Karen is quite possibly having a seizure or something. Her boyfriend looks hot while he’s dancing so I’m okay with this. More of him please.

Julia, Frank, and Tom are rocked when Leo disappears and runs away for three days. They finally find him sleeping at a friend’s house and all is okay. He’s not in a ditch or anything. Leo comes home and Julia and Frank are able to hug it out and act like a family for a little while. How long will it last?

Who wants more of evil Ivy? She’s more likeable than Ellis so bring it on! Ivy asks Ellis to text Karen not to come in for the day. As luck would have it, Derek has just told off Rebecca for being annoying and he has zero patience. He asks Ivy to sing the song instead. She sounds fantastic. It’s amazing and beautiful. They should just make her Marilyn already. Eileen is crying it’s so good!

Everyone is moved by the performance and heads actually roll when Rebecca suggests that she sing it instead. LOL.

Wasn’t there supposed to be a scene where someone needed an ambulance and couldn’t breathe? They kept referring to Rebecca’s peanut allergy all night so I was sure someone was going to poison her smoothies. Did they take it out?

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