‘Smash’ moved to Saturday nights

Credit: NBC

Credit: NBC

Well, if it wasn’t over before, it’s pretty much over now.

NBC announced today that, effective April 6, Smash will be airing on Saturday nights — a move meant to burn off the remaining episodes, since the network has invested far too much capital in the series to just leave its remaining eleven episodes sitting on the shelf. Once the season is over, Smash is a lock for cancellation, moving to a new timeslot up in that Broadway in the sky.

The obscenely-expensive drama (approx. $4 million an episode to produce) premiered its second season in early February to catastrophic lows. The show received tons of promotion in the weeks leading up to the premiere, including commercials touting guest stars as varied and renowned as Jennifer Hudson and Sean Hayes. But the move wasn’t enough to salvage the series, which was savaged by critics in its first season, saw a casting and creative overhaul in season two, and a change in timeslot — with no Voice lead-in. It was more or less inevitable that the show would stumble, although I don’t know that it was ever a given that the show would bomb so spectacularly. And that’s a shame, since it’s one of my favorite shows on TV (there, I said it).

There are several alternatives to take Smash‘s spot on NBC’s relatively dire Tuesday night lineup. On April 2, NBC will air a one-hour season finale for The New Normal, while April 9 will see the premiere of Eva Longoria’s dating show Ready for Love, which will take over the 9-11 p.m. slot after the much-coveted lead-in from The Voice.

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