Smash – Let’s Be Bad Preview – A Song For You

Oh, it looks like things will be heating up for Julia and Will. In a brand new preview for next week’s Smash, Will Chase sings “A Song for You” to Julia.

Drama-aaaa. He has a great voice, and I just love Debra Messing on this show.

Take a look:


Photo from Aceshowbiz

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This is just ridiculous.  Yeah the dude has a baby and a beautiful, loving, supportive wife and he would just swoon his ex without any conflict?  We're supposed to root for people just who would act immoral at a drop of a hat?


Sorry.  Debra Messing is annoying.  She plays an intelligent, successful, theater composer, yet she acts like a girlish clown like this is "Will & Grace" redux.  She wasn't funny even then, and definitely not funny now.