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Simon Cowell releases mock campaign ad for The X Factor – Video

Well, you can’t blame Simon for trying to create something resembling a buzz for this fledgling second season of The X Factor. I had to laugh at the “If no baseball” tag at the end of the video, hyping the first live show next Thursday. I really hope the World Series is over by then. I just really want to see what this group of finalists can do in a live setting. Although the ad should probably have also added “If no Hurricane Sandy.” This “Frankenstorm” is looking to rip up my spot.

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I used to love this blog but it's becoming more and more of a hypocrite. If you hate The X Factor then stop posting about it, it's as simple as that.

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@thecommentary1 I'm probably the biggest X Factor fan on the blog. Well, maybe Trey is, but I'll gladly debate him for that title! I desperately wanted to be the guy to get the X Factor review assignment, but I had to pass since I'd already made other show commitments.Looking back on my posts, I realized just how negative I sounded, which absolutely has not been my intention - and I'm actually really pissed at myself for coming off that way. It was a stupid mistake on my part to try and be "snarky," when really I'm way more invested in this series than the last three seasons of Idol, and any season of The Voice. 

When I criticize how the show is run, I'm more criticizing Fox for scheduling it so poorly. I don't know if that was Rickey's intention with the #FailFactor tag, but that's what I mean when I use it. It's Fox that's messing this up, and if X Factor isn't getting the ratings it should be, then the network really needs to do a better job of blocking off a section of their programming schedule for when they know there's going to be a scheduling conflict so that it can still air. They find room for all their other shows that aren't actually facing a LIVE premiere on the horizon. I don't know why they can't make room for a show that has this much riding on it. Anyway. I wanted this post to serve as a public apology to The X Factor fans who visit the blog. I can't speak for any of the other writers here, but I'm certainly going to try to make sure my love for the show actually shines through, and isn't buried under a pile of useless snark. I really think this season has a mainstream superstar in its final 16. And what's exciting is that I have absolutely no idea which of the 16 that is. Anyone could win this thing right now. And that's why I'm looking forward to Thursday way more than anything else on TV in the next seven days. Either way, the best I can do is make a promise to do my best to win back the trust you might have lost in us. X Factor fans are some of my favorite readers to trade emails with, and they deserve a better class of coverage. And I hope to be the one to give it to them, as best I can. 

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@Mikhail XO I actually think he could still be a big draw if they aired this show in the summer. But it's almost like the perfect storm of bad breaks for this show: baseball, an actual storm, The Voice, presidential debates. It's actually a pretty big shame when you think about it, since I think there's a lot to like in this group of finalists, but so many people have been missing the show. 


@NickRoman1 I agree! It is hard to deny that there isn't strong talent this year. Of course it isn't totally focused on the The Voice like well, The Voice, taking everything into consideration looking for a pop star and the whole entertainment value and it is good. Britney's teens, Simon's groups -- let me take that back, ALL the groups have loads of talent. It's just a lot of people aren't tuning in. It would do much better during the Summer, like a June-August run. 

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Fail Factor. Simon is just desperate and this ad was so tasteless.


Why does this blog hate on this show so much? I used to read it every day but is getting full of haters

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@Ipkiss85 LOL i agree, how can a post like this encourage fans of the show to comment or visit this blog again?