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Simon Cowell officially set to return to ‘The X Factor UK'; is ‘The X Factor USA’ over?

Simon Cowell officially set to return to 'The X Factor UK; is 'The X Factor USA' over?

Simon Cowell officially set to return to ‘The X Factor UK; is ‘The X Factor USA’ over?

After it had been rumored for months, it is both confirmed that Simon Cowell will return to The X Factor UK this year. With that said, it is rumored The X Factor USA will be “rested.”

In a press release by Cowell and ITV, both parties said that he will come back for to lead the show’s panel for its 11th season. Cowell said, “I’m absolutely thrilled to be returning to The X Factor UK. It’s been three years since I last judged the competition and I’m excited to find a global superstar again. The UK X Factor has set the benchmark in finding worldwide superstars over the years – including One Direction, Leona Lewis, Cher Lloyd, Olly Murs, JLS and Little Mix. Despite all the rumours, ITV and the producers have not decided on the rest of the judging panel quite yet. You’ll just have to wait and see….”

The release also states that the rest of the panel will be announced in the coming months. Judges auditions start in June and it will be on TV screens in autumn.

With this official announcement, a report was published by The Mirror, saying with this revolution, Cowell is “resting” The X Factor USA. A source told the publication, “Simon made the decision to sign up to UK X factor in November. As a result, he has now chosen to rest the US show despite FOX wanting him to continue and do both.”

I am so sad. What are your thoughts on all of these developments!?

Sources: ITV, The Mirror

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The real question:  Is Simon's baby mama going to England with him?  And if she does, what about her son with the ex (Simon's former friend?)  Inquiring minds want to know!

I guess this means there will be no plan to release Melanie Amaro's album.  Not that it's any huge surprise ... to anyone except Melanie, that is.

Klope62 moderator

I'm a bit sad... That Simon is returning to the UK version.


Yes, at least we got Alex & Sierra.  Overall Cowell's A&R people did a terrible job.  There are so many terrific singers out there; XFactor went too far with the PT Barnum stuff.  We are spared 10,000 more segments of "how much this means to me" & "how this can change my life forever" and on and on.  I liked that they gave contestants a nice hot spotlight; that was the major positive from the show.  After all, what we know of Alex & Sierra was shaped to an incredible degree by how the show presented their love story.  If they just got up and sang on the Voice, I'm not even sure the judges' chairs would've turned around.  


I'm sad too...I really like X Factor....unfortunately there are just too many talent shows (singing competitions) on US networks at this time...another time/another era this might have worked.


So does this mean that XFactor US is officially over?  It's sad but we all knew it was bound to happen. Well at least we got Alex and Sierra out of all this.  :)