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Simon Cowell Wants to Name His Baby Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell Baby Name

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Despite all your fervent prayers, Simon Cowell is going to be a father very soon. And if you thought he was going to give his baby some ridiculous Hollywood name, you were very very wrong.

“My number one choice is Simon because I like the name,” he admitted in a recent interview with Extra.

Although he later went onto say his second choice was a less egotistical pick since it would be Eric, after his father. Pssst, go with the name memorializing your late father, Simon.

“His birthday is going to be very close to my dad’s birthday,” Cowell explained, saying his late father would be “very proud” and “amazed” that he was going to have a grandson.

As for what he hopes his baby will one day grow up to achieve? “I want to teach him how to do my job as quickly as possible. I want to pass the reins over. I really would like the idea of teaching him how to run the business.”

We didn’t know yelling at wanna-be singers could be a family business but we can totally see it now.

One day Simon will hold his son Simon aloft over the X Factor stage and say to him, “One day son, all this will be yours.”

To which baby Simon will reply, “What? The curtains?”

End scene.

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