Sharon Osbourne NBC Rant: ‘They treat their talent like sh–!’

Sharon Osbourne trashed NBC in an interview with THR.  The former America’s Got Talent judge said of NBC, “I don’t like them; they treat their talent like sh–! Not that I’m a talent, but I’m an employee, and they treat you like sh–.”  Tell us how you really feel Sharon!

Osbourne told THR, that she has already left America’s Got Talent and she is done with NBC.  Osbourne had nothing but praise for the show and it’s producers – FremantleMedia and Syco Television, but ripped into NBC, comparing the network to the Titanic and suggesting NBC chairman Bob Greenblatt is “unwell.”

NBC reality chief Paul Telegdy has said that NBC still has five years of options on Osbourne, but  “you can never really coerce a performer into performing if they don’t want to. We don’t want to force anyone to do one of the best jobs in TV.”

So, it looks like Osbourne’s stint as a judge on America’s Got Talent is truly over.  She had previously expressed an interest in rejoining The X Factor UK, but now tells THR that she isn’t looking for another job in reality TV.

Will you miss Osbourne as a judge on America’s Got Talent?  Would you like to see her back on the air as a judge on another reality show?  Seems like she is certainly keeping the door open to work with Simon and company again.


Sharon Osbourne Trashes NBC 'They treat their talent like sh--!'

credit: NBC

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