Shameless – Recap: Cracked Skulls and K-Cups

“Civil Wrongs” saw the crew from Shameless contemplating everything from entirely new lives to alternative lifestyles and from cracked skulls to K-Cups. What’s your K-Cup poison, by the way? Is it cheating if I choose the Sumatra roast from Starbucks? Fine, I guess I’ll settle for that Green Mountain nonsense. Poor Karen (never thought I’d say that) sat lifeless in a hospital bed while a baffled Mandy watched helplessly as her attempt at winning Lip’s heart forever backfired entirely. Shall we review?


Showtime "Shameless"

Showtime “Shameless”

Fiona: I say this every week, but is there any redeeming quality to Jimmy (Justin Chatwin) at this point? Let’s be real, the money isn’t even flowing anymore. I can’t even drudge up sympathy for the fact that he never truly signed on as a parental guardian for Fiona’s (Emmy Rossum) ragtag brood of bros and Debbie (Emma Kenney).

Fiona continued to excel in the workplace, while chemistry continued to build between her and her boss. Also, I’m loving her coworkers. With Veronica (Shanola Hampton) somewhat out of commission as of lately, Fiona could use some genuinely good people building her up. I think it’s doing her well to be a part of a team where she isn’t the chief. Fiona’s boss even coerced her to join the company softball team! Of course, Jimmy had to ruin that too, showing up at the last minute just to drop another personal bomb.

We’d been privy to the fact that Jimmy’s recent interest in re-enrolling in med school was simply grounded in his need for a life vacation from the Gallaghers. Maybe I’d understand more so if we hadn’t spent the entire season watching Jimmy lead a double life with Estefania and her gangster babysitter? Eventually, Jimmy was forced to face Fiona with regard to his decision to move to Michigan for a year, and, quite obviously, she wasn’t happy. Jimmy needed a “change,” and Fiona was just “tired.” Tired; that’s the sign of a decaying relationship, right? When I use the word “decay,” I’m referring to the rot that happens post-mortem. As in, this relationship has been dead all season. I don’t feel any spark whatsoever. To me, Jimmy is just Liam’s babysitter… sometimes. Although, Jimmy’s own gangster babysitter was way better at, well, babysitting! Long story short; Go for the boss, Fiona. In this case, I approve of sleeping your way to the top. Also, there’s free beer and coffee involved!


Showtime "Shameless"

Showtime “Shameless”

Veronica and Kev: Finally, we have a conception! Of course, the positive pregnancy test was laced with a serious case of cringe. Seriously, I realize that V was hell-bent on using her own DNA to create a child, but I still can’t wrap my brain around pleading with your mother to sleep with your husband. Maybe I’m not shameless enough, but the fact that your mom is the biological mother of your baby, making you your own child’s sister, trumps the entire conception. Still, I would be lying if I didn’t admit to getting a little choked up seeing Kev (Steve Howie) get so excited after hearing the news at The Alibi. That’s the thing; Kev and V would be awesome parents, all things considered.


Showtime "Shameless"

Showtime “Shameless”

Frank: Frank (William H. Macy) had it made, so, of course, he would find some way to screw it all up. After thriving as a public speaker for the gay rights movement, as “Frank the Plumber,” Frank found himself cornered by a religious gay conversion team. If Frank would agree to undergo aversion therapy, they’d upgrade his digs. Frank hadn’t been too pleased with the comped room and board the gay rights advocates were handing him, but he still wasn’t too keen on the idea of therapy, generally speaking. Of course, the fact that the anti-gay morons threw in all-Frank-could-do sex with willing women tipped the scales in their favor.

Here’s the catch; they saddled Frank with a butch lesbian who was actually looking to convert to heterosexuality following a bad breakup. Eh, Frank would make do, and if the woman could imagine Rihanna while she handled Frank, she could too. The problem was the fact that Frank had become an inspiration within the gay community. As a public figure, he found himself appreciated by everyone from high school kids to his hotel bellhop. Unfortunately, the boy eventually became aware of Frank’s agenda after catching him in the act with his female companion.

When push came to shove, the gay rights leader footing part of Frank’s bill brought over some attractive and willing dudes to prove whether or not Frank was actually gay. Well, this is going to end well, although Frank is a master manipulator, as he himself noted. That’s what was so funny about this plotline. Frank was actually a fantastic gay rights activist, even if he was nothing more than a closeted straight man. He still did the job he was getting paid for! I also appreciated Frank’s verbal support of his gay son, Ian (Cameron Monaghan).


Jody, "Shameless" Eyebrow

Lip and Company: Lip (Jeremy Allen White) spent the first half of the episode simply devastated over Karen’s (Laura Slade Wiggins) comatose state following her accident. Mandy (Emma Greenwell) found her mind boggled over Lip’s despair. It was interesting to see the family’s continued support of Mandy knowing that she’d been the one to run Karen over, right? Normally, I’m all for Debbie and Ian knocking on Lip’s brain to conjure up a shred of sympathy for Mandy, who’s normally a very positive force on the show. Where does she go from here? Can she bounce back from this? I’m thinking it’ll take a miracle. It was nice to see Lip get emotional at Karen’s bedside, especially following some particularly cold moments from him over the course of his relationships with both girls. The community within the characters on Shameless always trumps the dastardly deeds committed. To me, Debbie making homemade soup for Sheila (Joan Cusack) overcomes Mandy’s twisted act of revenge.

Maybe I feel that way because Karen woke up! If I have to award MVP to anyone this week (Sorry, Fiona, I know you played softball.), it’d have to be Jody (Zach McGowan)! Jody really stepped it up as Karen’s “fairytale prince.” That wasn’t something I expected, considering the fact that the show had given us some of Lip’s first tears following his first glances at a lifeless Karen, horrid cracked skull and all. Lip had visited the hospital, only to immediately fire down Jody’s embarrassing musical attempts at stirring Karen. Hey, leave Billy Joel out of this. Although, Lip was the one to tip Jody and Sheila off to trying something Karen would actually like to trigger her awakening. Sure, sexually massaging Karen before going down on her unconscious body crossed every line possible, but it worked! He found the cure for comas! Now that Jody has orgasmed Karen back to life, what will she be like? Are we in for an all-new Karen? Could Karen, say, fake being a changed girl to win Lip back for good?


P.S.- Ian continued to lament his failed relationship with Mickey. When Lip advised Ian to hit up a gay bar and get laid, I was sure he was in for a night out on the town with Frank. Missed opportunity for some laughs, Shameless! Still, I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Mickey. The show has invested a lot of time in this relationship to merely watch it crash and burn without ever taking flight. Also, Noel Fisher seems to have become a legitimate part of the cast this season, and I don’t seem them creating a new story arc for him apart from Ian.


What did you all think of Shameless, Season 3 Episode 10, “Civil Wrongs”? Do you want to see Jimmy out of the picture, or are you pulling for a comeback? Can you get past V and Kev’s method of conception? What will come of the romantic relationship of Lip and Ian?

Thanks for reading my Recap and Review of Shameless, Season 3 Episode 10, “Civil Wrongs”!

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