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Secret Show – American Idol 11 Top 13

It’s our Secret Show! Join me with Howard, Gabe, Noelle and Matthew talk about American Idol Top 13 (and other things). Don’t you want to see my puakenikeni?

Leave some feedback in the comments! We love it!

Watch the video here:

Secret Show American Idol Top 13

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I was so excited when I got the BlogTV email. However, it came through after 11p, so I was already heading to bed. I'm such a grandma.


steven's comments are becoming like paula with all the sunshine, rainbow and butterflies. the judging panel need someone who shake the contestant to reality no sugar coating.


i agree with noelle: colton being overconfident and that philip sound constipated.. lol


Ok  JC was definitely missed from this show.  The energy was off, lols kind of like Elise's performance. Love that Gabe was voting for Elise. :)  I threw her some votes too, hope it is enough to keep her in. Idol is definitely trying to save the girls this season. Jeremy or Jermaine is going tomorrow. EVP and Elise are in danger of being in the bottom 2. Shannon has too many fans I think?

Klope62 moderator

 @Mikhail XO Hahaha..it was actually going to be both Matthew and Jeffery last night.

Rickey moderator

 @Mikhail XO I've accept that production "disasters" are part of the charm... or not.