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Scott Macintyre – By Faith, Not By Sight – Exclusive Interview

We were recently presented with the opportunity to chat with American Idol star Scott Macintyre. This blog was a huge supporter of Scott during his season and even helped jump start his Wild Angels fanbase.

I jumped at the chance to interview him and we talked for a half hour on everything from his time on Idol, his new book that’s coming out, what he thinks of The X Factor and The Voice, who his favorites are this year on Idol, and of course, the bra.

Check out the interview here:

Me:  I hear you have a book coming out. What made you decide to tell your story?

Scott: I really only told the smallest part of my story on American Idol. There’s so much more to my life than my struggle with blindness. When I was 19 I was faced with end stage kidney failure and almost lost my life. I’m doing better now. It was about a two year process to get through that. It got a lot worse before it got better. I ended up on dialysis for a year and I couldn’t even play the piano. The wife of my previous piano professor donated her kidney to me and saved my life. It was less than a year later that I auditioned for American Idol. I was just grateful to be on any stage, let alone the American Idol stage after that.

Me: How would you describe the book to someone thinking of buying it?

Scott: I wanted this to be an encouragement to anyone who has faced a challenge or an obstacle, an illness or a heartache or anything, that it can be overcome. You can actually reach your dreams. If anyone has been through an emotional, physical or spiritual challenge, I think this book will be very relate-able to them.

Me: It sounds very inspirational.

Scott: It’s very inspirational. The title says it all. (By Faith, Not By Sight: The Inspirational Story of a Blind Prodigy, a Life-Threatening Illness, and an Unexpected Gift) I talk about growing up with my disability. How I had to learn to live life in a different way. I knew there would be things I would never get to do like play catch with my dad or drive a car or if a cute girl is smiling at me. There are certain things that I just had to face.

I learned to live a full life in spite of that. It’s a book about persevering and reaching for your biggest dreams. I discovered that hope is a very powerful thing. I held on to hope no matter what. I chose to have faith that God would eventually get me through.

There is a romantic story in the book as well about how I found the love of my life. I talk about American Idol and behind the scenes..some things people might not know go on. It has something for everyone.

Me: What was the writing process like? Did it take a long time to get your thoughts in order?

Scott: It did. It’s really hard trying to figure out the best way to tell a story. The hardest part for me was choosing the title. I really wanted the title to tell people a lot about the book. It tells you a little about what you can expect.

Me: I also hear you’re working on filming a music video sometime soon with the fans?

Scott: Yes, we are are doing a music video. We don’t have a date set for it because I was just invited to be on Fox and Friends on Easter Sunday. Be sure to check that out. The video is going to be for a brand new single called I Am Hope. This ties right in with the book.

Me: You have a lot of exciting things coming up.

Scott: I partnered with an organization called Donate Life America. They are the organization so people can register to be organ donors with the DMV. There are all kinds of transplants that can help save a life.

Me: Obviously, some part of your journey began on Idol. Do you have any favorites on Idol this year?

Scott: Hmm. I do. I usually don’t do this but since I like you guys..*laughs* you gotta tell Rickey this is a big favor. I’m just kidding. There are others but I have a feeling Phil is going to be in it for the long haul to the very end. I like Skylar, Jessica and Joshua. I’ll leave it with those four.

Me: Yay! Those are a good four. What do you think of the new judges?

Scott: I think they’re doing alright. I think they’re being very loose with their standing ovations.

*I crack up at this because we had just talked about this on the secret show*

Scott: Simon would have a completely different take on every season since he left. And to Randy every season is the best season we’ve ever had.

Me: Bahahah.

Scott: I think they’re very entertaining to watch. I love Steven Tyler. I got to meet him and he’s one of my favorite performers. Such timeless music came from him. He’s pretty funny to watch. You never know what he’s gonna say next.

Me: He’s colorful.

Scott: That’s a good way to put it.

Me: Do you keep in touch with anyone from the show?

Scott: I do. And even people from other seasons. I’ve had the opportunity to be invited back. I haven’t made it out there this year but the last two years I’ve gotten to meet all the contestants and see them on tour. It’s really funny because I kind of forget that they may have been watching me at some point. It’s easy to forget how big of a show it is. We all share this common bond being part of the Idol family.

Me: What do you think of other competition shows like The Voice and The X Factor?

Scott: I um, nothing against Simon but The X Factor hasn’t really struck a chord with me yet.

Me: I only made it through like, an episode and a half.

Scott: I think that’s about what I watched. But I’ll give it another chance. It didn’t hook me like Idol does. It’s interesting seeing Simon and Paula on a different show. But, I actually like the Voice. I think it’s a very nice compliment to American Idol. I don’t think for me anything can top American Idol but I do appreciate the fresh spin on reality singing shows that the Voice brings. The judges bring a certain element of fun to it. I really enjoy Adam and Blake. I think they have a lot of great talent this year that could go up against the talent on Idol.

Me: What’s going on with your brother? I heard he auditioned for Idol this year.

Scott: We didn’t see him much on camera. We actually did a lot of taping for the show but only so many stories get to air. He had a great time doing it. I actually have to catch you up because he’s been crazy busy. He was on the idol tour with me as you probably remember..

Me: Yes..:D

Scott: Midway through the tour he left for Japan to work for Tokyo Disney for a year. Then he went to work for the Holland American cruise line for a year. Now he’s in New York auditioning for Broadway.

Me: Oh, he is? Maybe now you’ll have an excuse to come visit.

Me: You’ll have to forgive me for this next question because it’s kind of silly but my friend wants to know if you remember anyone throwing a bra on stage during the idol tour.

Scott: I do! I remember it was like neon pink and I’ve always wondered if it was actually hers or she just brought an extra one.

Me: I may or may not have been with her when she bought it.

Scott: You can also tell her that that was the one bra that was thrown at me on stage. I’m more of the inspirational guy..not so much the heartthrob.

Me: Well, that’s why she did it. We wanted equal opportunities for bras on stage.

Scott: Yes, she has the corner on the market. You can tell her that.

We want to thank Scott for taking the time to do an interview with us. He also shared some information fans might be interested in.

“If you’re between that ages of 15 and 20 and want to take a trip to the Bahamas with me and we’re doing Audition Star at Atlantis Resort. So check that out.”

His website will be running a promotion for his book:

If you buy one book from the site, you get 2 free songs.

If you buy 2 book you get the free songs and one book will be donated to an organ transplant patient.

If you buy 50 books, you’ll get an hour call or video chat with Scott. (Limit first 10 people)

If you buy 1,000 books for $15,000 Scott will fly out and do a private concert for you and your friends.


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