Scarlett Johansson Lawyer Demands Removal of Images from the Web

Scarlett Johansson’s lawyer has fired off letters to Web sites demanding that her photos (NSFW) be removed. The letter states that the images are “stolen copyright protected private photographs” — which basically confirms that these are authentic pictures of Scarlett. Hopefully this will put to rest rumors that the photos are fake. Will the lawyer succeed in removing these pictures from the Web?

From THR:

Scarlett Johansson and her team are not denying that the nude photos that leaked onto the web on Wednesday are in fact of her. Instead, The Avengers actress is trying to snatch them off the web as quickly as possible.

Johansson’s lawyer, Marty Singer, issued letters to websites that are running the photos. Blogger Perez Hilton confirmed on the AMP radio show with Carson Daly on Thursday morning that he had received one of these letters.

The letters state that the images are “stolen copyright protected private photographs” and should be removed from the sites.

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