Scarlett Johansson Disqualified from Golden Globes Consideration for ‘Her’

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Scarlett Johansson has been picking up awards buzz for her performance in Spike Jonze’s Her, in which she plays a Siri-like artificial intelligence named “Samantha” who serves as a companion to a lonely introvert played by Joaquin Phoenix. However, while the Academy and the Screen Actors Guild have deemed the performance eligible, and the Rome Film Festival even named her Best Actress for the film, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association has disqualified Johansson from consideration for a Golden Globe.

The entirely-vocal performance was deemed ineligible by the HFPA for consideration for a supporting actress nomination after a final ruling by the governing body, despite an appeal from Warner Bros, the distributor of Her.

The bone of contention for the HFPA is that Johansson never appears onscreen, though that’s kind of the point of her role, as Johansson’s primary conflict in the film is her lack of an actual, corporeal form. She’s simultaneously ever-present and completely absent. That Johansson could craft such a fully-realized performance with nothing but her voice speaks volumes for her understated skill as an actress. It also goes a long way in explaining why this decision is rubbing so many people the wrong way.

Some are calling the ruling unfair, since the Globes gave a “special award” to Robin Williams for his voice work in Disney’s 1993 animated offering, Aladdin. A key difference here is that while Williams’ performance was something of a team effort (with animators helping to bring the character of the Genie to life, and enhancing Williams’ role), Johansson had no such advantages. The performance was simply her voice, which serves as a strong argument for why she deserves inclusion, since it’s not like we’re talking about a motion-captured performance where a team of animators are needed to bring the actor’s work to life (a key reason for why Andy Serkis never received nominations for his work in The Lord of the Rings films, King Kong, or Rise of the Planet of the Apes).

Johansson and Warner Bros. offered no comment on the situation, and the HFPA refused to respond on the record. Because of course they did.

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