Scandal – Season 3 Episode 5 – Recap – More Cattle, Less Bull

Scandal - Season 3 Episode 5 - Recap - More Cattle, Less Bull - Kudrow

Scandal – Season 3 Episode 5 – Recap – More Cattle, Less Bull

ABC‘s newly-popular political thriller Scandal is back for another round, but not with a Halloween episode. I mean I guess that’s fine, but I kinda wanted to see Fitz do a totally sweet George Washington costume or something. Instead, we get another episode filled to bursting with lies and intrigue. This is a worthy consolation prize.

With this season of the show taking place in an election year (I guess it takes place in 2012??), First Lady Mellie and Chief of Staff Cyrus are pitching this dude Leo on running President Grant’s re-election campaign. This Leo guy thinks Fitz is gonna lose for sure, so he’s not keen on joining the team. The guy knows he’s only there because Olivia Pope can’t be, so he peaces out on them. At the Correspondents’ Dinner, the VP appraoches this guy about maybe hypothetically possibly perhaps running for President. Olivia gets called away at the dinner also, but it’s not Fitz. Mellie has summoned Olivia, begging to have her rejoin Fitz’s campaign and help him win re-election. Woah! Fitz also doesn’t even know about this!

Scandal - Season 3 Episode 5 - Recap - More Cattle, Less Bull - Olivia

Olivia has taken on a new candidate: Congresswoman Josephine Marcus, a possible candidate to be running against Fitz in the next election. Ms. Marcus had a kid when she was a teen, and adopted it away. Abby, Quinn, Huck, and Harrison are out on a mission to find some info about the kid, but the White House has a team in the same town. After some snooping, Olivia’s team discovers that the kid was never ut up for adoption, but was instead raised by Josephine’s mom as Josephine’s sister without ever knowing it! Olivia is convinced Josephine will be ambushed during the first Democratic primary debate. Liv is right of course, and when the question of the teen pregnancy comes up, Congresswoman Marcus lies and says the baby girl was put up for adoption. She comes off stage upset and immediately fires Olivia. After some time passes, though, Josephine reconsiders and decides she’ll need Olivia’s help after all. This leaves Olivia in the terrible spot of having both sides of the election begging for her help! I’m interested to see where she ends up, but I suspect it will be with Josephine after she learns about the stuff Huck and Jake discovered this episode…

Scandal - Season 3 Episode 5 - Recap - More Cattle, Less Bull - Fitz

Speaking of Huck and Jake… Olivia fulfills her weekly obligation to have dinner with Daddy Pope, but meanwhile, Jake and Huck are doing a spy op to find out more about their time in the Super Secret B-613 branch of the CIA. Fitz is having some angry meetings with Eli Pope, but he’s also still shooting hoops with Jake. Jake and Huck follow a hunch on Fitz’s involvement with this thing they’re all about right now called Operation: Remington. Meanwhile, Fitz tells Cyrus that he wants B-613 gone. Cyrus reacts… poorly. The conversation gets all whispery, and Cyrus ominously informs him that trying to even defund B-613 will end in assassination. Later, Huck suspects he’s figured out the cover-up. Fitz was in Iceland during this operation when he was reported to have been in Iran. Huck’s evidence suggests Fitz secretly shot down a plane in Iceland, and on that plane was Olivia’s mother! Wooooaaaah! So now Olivia’s lover quite possible killed Olivia’s mom! Aaahhh I can’t wait until next week!!

This was a talkier episode than last week, but still not as high stakes as the episode with the suicide bomber. I knew they’d been selling too hard too early! Still, the cast does a great job with a compelling script. There’s a lot more movement with the two season-long arcs (re-election and B-613), so anything else is forgiven. I really liked the little scene between Olivia and Mellie. They have such an odd relationship, and seeing them interact is superb! Check out the recap for this episode below!

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