‘Saved by the Bell’ mini-reunion: TV trivia with Dennis Haskins and Tiffani Thiessen on ‘Today’

The Today Show has had a busy week in the Special Interests department. It’d be one thing if all they’d done was break the news about the tragic loss of the Iron from ‘Monopoly’, but they’ve gone one further by having a surprise ‘Saved by the Bell’ reunion, as Dennis Haskins (the former Principal Richard Belding) arrived on-set in the middle of a segment with Tiffani Thiessen (a.k.a. the object of my unwavering pre-teen affection, Kelly Kapowski).

Of course, it’s entirely up to you whether you’d consider this segment a proper reunion, since it amounts to little more than Haskins asking Thiessen a bunch of TV trivia questions. But you know what? I’ll take it. It might not be Mario Lopez streaking in his underwear or anything, but any ‘Saved By the Bell’-related news that excludes known-lunatic Dustin Diamond is fine by me.

Somewhat off-topic, but did anyone else absolutely kill on those trivia questions? And if so, did anyone else immediately feel sad about it?

Full story: Entertainment Weekly

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