Sasha Mallory and Pasha Kovalev – Quickstep – So You Think You Can Dance

Sasha Mallory and Pasha Kovalev  Quickstep

Sasha Mallory and Pasha Kovalev dance Quickstep on So You Think You Can Dance

Choreographer: Jonathan Roberts

Music: Puttin on the Ritz

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Rob Marshall – You are astonishing. You has such abandon when you dance.

Lady Gaga – Sasha you are shiny on the inside as well as the outside. It could have been a little looser.

Mary Murphy – I don’t know how you cope. Your body position has been the best.

Nigel Lythgoe – You are my favorite dancer in the competition.

Watch the video here:

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Is there anything this girl can't do? She's amazing, and I don't understand why she is so underrated on this site, where quality usually reigns supreme over buzz and popularity. So Melanie is probably going to win, and that's a given, plus Marko is extremely likable. But Sasha is such a powerful dancer, and I look forward to her every week knowing she will give an exciting performance.


I'm kinda bored with everything she does. I know this show is about dancing but I feel no connection with her.