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Sarah Palin’s Alaska – Season Premiere – Video

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Sarah Palin’s Alaska premiered Sunday night on TLC.

If you are a hardcore liberal, you probably wouldn’t even bother, but if you have an open mind, the show is worth a watch. I really enjoyed it, even if it was straight personal propaganda. (But aren’t all Reality TV shows based on personalities like that?) There were times when I wanted to live in Alaska — or even be Sarah Palin. She has a TV studio on her property broadcasting via satellite for crying out loud — how cool is that? She also lives by a lake. So one thing is for sure: She’s RICH. No wonder she’s a Republican/Tea Partier fighting for the Top 2% of the population.

My only gripe is: Sarah Palin talks all the time. Talk. Talk. Talk. Talk. Talk. Even when she was climbing the base of the mountain. It’s like she thinks with her mouth. It got kinda annoying towards the end. She’s really the alpha soccer mom and TLC did a great job presenting her that way. No wonder Bristol rebelled and had a baby out of wedlock. I probably couldn’t stand all the yapping either. Todd, her husband, is a really good man for being so patient with her.

My DVR is set. I love this show. Piper is a star!

This video is best watched with eyes closed, LOL:

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