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Sam Woolf – American Idol 2014 – Waiting On The World To Change – Hollywood Week Solo

Sam Woolf sang “Waiting On The World To Change” by John Mayer on American Idol 2014 Hollywood Week.

This was his solo performance and like his audition he accompanied himself on the guitar. Go WGWG!

I really like Sam. He’s super talented at 17 years old. I think he will go far in the competition. He’s a good kid!

You can follow him on his Twitter at @samwoolfmusic where he announces his gigs to his fans (us) the #woolfpack. I love that he’s performing now taking advantage of his new American Idol publicity. Good job Sam!

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Sam Woolf - American Idol 2014

Sam Woolf – Waiting on the World to Change

Sam Woolf – Waiting on the World to Change – Video

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just hold your head up high sam wolf, and really sorry to hear about your mom man,, thats got to be tuff, but all though God make's us all go throw  many thing's in life man, and this must be one for you too, just hold your head up high bud, and dont you dear hold it in your mind not for one second that you had anything to do with all that man,, i just listened to your song a little bit ago about the one you wrote about your mom, and i so took it in my ol heart that your taking it really deep in yours too,, you just can't,. not that way man,, and if for any reason you would like to talk man anytime night or day id would really like to,, dont blame yourself for nothing young man, so i hope only the best for you bud, as im sure that your mom is watching you somewhere and damn proud of you too just like your dad is too,,,, paul, shumate,,,,  email me anytime man,,, thanks bud,, and kick butt out there to man,,


ok so he is not the winner…I was wrong.  he should pay attn to Jake Bugg though...


Not as terrific as his audition, but I love the tone of his voice.