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Sam Woolf – American Idol 2014 – Just One – Video

Sam Woolf sang “Just One” by Blind Pilot on American Idol XIII 2014 Season 13 Top 12.

Sam Woolf – Just One – American Idol XIII – Video

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Sam Woolf - American Idol 2014 - Just One (FOX)

Sam Woolf – American Idol 2014 – Just One (FOX)

Judge Comments
Keith Urban I guarantee you will be here next week Sam. The tone of your voice is like buttah.
Jennifer Lopez You have to push outside of your comfort zone.
Harry Connick Jr. I really like the lyrics of this song. I thought it was a pleasant performance. I’m starting to feel there is one beat with you emotionally.

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Such a beautiful song, the lyrics are gorgeous & heartbreaking…I thought he was the winner from the first song, then I hesitated, but now am back: he's the winner and he should have a great career.   


How could there be no comments here?  This is utterly a pro performance, it's totally fantastic.  The tone of his voice…wow.  


Oh lord, if Idol can make a star out of P2, surely this guy is headed for a huge career.  What a commercial voice.  

I love that Harry has decided he has one emotional level…performing for millions of people at 17 yrs old.  Great, we're all open & funny & fascinating at 17.  Uh huh.  

Interesting to look back on Harry's comment when they put him in the top 12 or whatever that was--'how surprised are you really?' or something like that.  It must be much more obvious to them live than it is for us based on the snippets we see from the auditions.  


I hate the judges... He was Awesome!