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Sam Woolf – American Idol 2014 – Babylon – Video

Sam Woolf sang “Babylon” by David Gray on American Idol XIII 2014 Season 13 Top 10 Guys.

Sam Woolf – Babylon – American Idol XIII
Sam is amazing! I think he's going to win American Idol! What a great talent.
5 / 5 stars

Sam Woolf – Babylon – American Idol XIII – Video

Sam Woolf - American Idol 2014 - Babylon - Video

Judge Comments
Keith Urban Your voice is just money.
Jennifer Lopez You have such a sweet quality to you.
Harry Connick Jr. I thought it was a really good performance.

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Sam Woolf – Babylon – American Idol

Sam Woolf – Babylon – American Idol – Video

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I picked him to win in the beginning too.  They must think he's got something, they pushed him right through and have featured him a lot.  I wonder why they hate David Oliver Willis.  He seemed pretty good to me.  


He has a clip of Babylon pre-Idol on youtube.  I actually prefer that performance way more than this one.  I can only imagine he was very nervous on stage, but hopefully will calm down as the competition progresses and he gets more comfortable


He didn't sing Lego House, and you seriously need to start picking favorites based on their singing abilities. Not that Sam can't sing, it's just clear that that's not why you think he's going to win.


@mmmmmmm  it needs to be more then just a good voice.   some one that sounds good in the studio that can sell songs/albums on iTunes.  i can easily picture some one like him being current and marketable.   now that briston is gone , i'll be rooting for him and alex to go far.   


@Rickey @mmmmmmm  And you seriously think that Philip Philips won because of his voice?, what are you talking about lol. He had the looks, not the voice!.... just look where he is now as the majority of AI winners..... nowhere.