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Sam Bailey – The X Factor UK 2013 – Something – Full Video

Sam Bailey sang “Something” by the Beatles on The X Factor UK 2013 Live Show 6 for British Invasion Week.

I’m so happy for Sam. She along with Nicholas are the heart and soul of this season. Such a great contestant. Go Sam!

She’s getting better and better every week. Amazing!

Sam Bailey - The X Factor UK 2013 - Something - Full Video

Sam Bailey – The X Factor UK 2013 – Something – Full Video

Sam Bailey judges critique:

Sharon Osbourne: Every week you do yourself proud.

Gary Barlow: Another incredible performance. Just because you are woman over 30 doesn’t mean you aren’t going to sell records. (LOL! I’m looking at Nicole’s horrified reaction)

Nicole Scherzinger: There isn’t anything you can’t sing.

Louis Walsh: There’s a whole new audience for you.

Sam Bailey – Something – Video

Sam Bailey – X Factor Live Shows, Week 6 ‘Something’ on MUZU.TV.

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beautiful,, she is such a talented singer... i hope its her and nicholas in the finals both are excellent

Amanda 1
Amanda 1

Please win, Sam! She is incredible. I wish I could vote for her! You can do it, girl.

LOL @ Gary's comment.

And I'll say it again, Nicole is unbearable. She has the stupidest things to say. "Butt, cheeks"??? Rly? lol


For some reason I lost interest in her when they polished her up.  She's a real pro and I wish her well, but there are a few others I'd rather see win.  Send her to Vegas!

Klope62 moderator

Magical, it was!

Rickey moderator

@mamashmoi But wasn't polishing her up the whole point of her rags-to-riches storyline? Like Susan Boyle?


@Rickey Yes, Rickey, you're right. But it happened so fast and we all expect it now anyway. Maybe it's just how they're presenting her, I don't know. I guess the predictability of her performances just isn't exciting enough for me!