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Rylan Clark wins Celebrity Big Brother

Rylan Clark of The X Factor UK won Celebrity Big Brother in the UK. Congratulations!

He beat Speidi in the end. Yay.

From Channel 5:

Drama-prone Rylan took centre stage right from the off, bearing the ‘burden’, alongside jockey and eventual buddy Frankie Dettori, of deciding which housemates should be deprived of the main House for their first few days. The duo took to the task with particular aplomb, chucking celebrities into the basement without hesitation and saving themselves to boot – much to the annoyance of soon-to-be sparing partners, Speidi.

When Rylan and Speidi finally met in person, it was clear that there was bad-blood between the reality TV stars, something which would reoccur throughout their time in the House. First we had the post-basement argument, and then came the Big Blogger incident, rounded-off by the biggest tiff of them all following the Diletter task. We learnt one thing from their squabbles, never call the X-Factor contestant ‘fake’ – unless you want a very emotional Rylan all up in your grill.

Rylan Clark wins Celebrity Big Brother

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