Ryan Lochte Scores E! Reality Show – ‘What Would Ryan Lochte Do’

Guess who just backstroked his way into a reality show? Olympic gold medals are one thing, but a reality show deal is a completely different story. This is the true gold, obviously. Lochte has already been dubbed “Jessica Simpson”-esque by those who have been lucky enough to preview sneak peeks of What Would Ryan Lochte Do. Well, you tell me. What’s a dumber line?

Ryan Lochte: “I don’t even know what is a douchebag. I don’t even know what it means.”


E!’s President in a statement to EW: “How many people fall in love with the smartest guy in the class? They fall for the fastest swimmer.”

The president of E! is a woman by the way, not another bro. This should be a pretty entertaining show, all things considered. I seriously think I came across a show on VH1 the other day that featured ladies who are (used to be?) married to rappers hanging out and fighting. Ryan Lochte will certainly do for E! then. He seems like a good enough sport, and he can deliver a soundbite. He’s funny and friendly. The show debuts in April. I have to say it, right?..

Me: “Jeah!”

See, I’m the biggest idiot. I can’t wait until I’m dubbed the “breakout star” of the Olympic Games, too.

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