Russell Hantz is the source of leaks, says accused Survivor spoiler

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Yes! This is probably more drama than what we are going to see on Survivor: Redemption Island. The most accurate spoilers are really from the contestants themselves (remember Chris Sligh from Season 6?)

So Jim Early was sued by Mark Burnett and CBS for successfully spoiling Seasons 19 and 20 of Survivor, and Early has now revealed his source of information complete with e-mails. The leak is none other than Russell Hantz. Oh my gosh, he’s so shady — both on screen and real life! If this is all true, Russell can be liable for $5 million. Wow. Hubris.

From Daily Beast:

After Survivor fan Jim Early was sued for revealing the show’s secrets, he pointed a finger at one of its most popular players, Russell Hantz, as his source. Andy Dehnart reports:

• Mark Burnett Productions and CBS sued Early for successfully spoiling Seasons 19 and 20.

• Early began talking to Russell Hantz on the phone, who would tease information. Once Hantz saw the attention the information got on the Survivor Sucks message boards, Early said, “he just started coming out and telling me what happened: who was leaving, who won challenges.”

• The Survivor cast members’ contract states that contestants may not reveal “the elimination of contestants and the selection of any winner.” The penalty for doing so is “liquidated damages” of $5 million.

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