Russell Crowe responds to Adam Lambert ‘Les Miserables’ Critique

A gracious Russell Crowe responded to Adam Lambert on Twitter today, after Adam slammed the cast of Les Miserables for being actors “pretending” to be singers.

Russell Crowe = Class. Adam Lambert = Hmmm…

I’m still not watching the movie. Russell’s singing was horrible. :)


Russell Crowe responds to Adam Lambert  Les Miserables Crtique

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My comment aboout the film, is I wish there was more talking in between each singing narrative. Wonderful film and beautiful score.


"Russell Crowe = Class" - really? your standards are low.  Adam definitely has a much better knowledge of musical theatre and his opinion is far more informed than some.  Although he fronts an ageing rock band Russell would the first to admit that his voice isn't up to scrutiny in such performances, as he has shown by not disagreeing with Adam.  Just as an aside - Adam did not "slam" the cast, he said he found some of the singing distracting from the movie and some of it really good.  When are we going to get some balance re Adam on this site?


@Mikhail XO I have both his albums and enjoy them but I, too, would love to hear him sing something with more power.  I'd love to hear him sing some show tunes and some Jim Steinman (old fashioned though he may be) - maybe Adam will make it back to his roots as he gets older - he is too good for pop music.