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Rough Copy – The X Factor UK 2013 – Viva La Vida – Full Video

Rough Copy sang “Viva La Vida” by Coldplay on The X Factor UK 2013 Live Show 6 for British Invasion Week.

I love this song so much! This is a classic Rickey secret show song!

I guess cutie bandmember Joey Thomas is powering this group.

Rough Copy - The X Factor UK 2013 - Viva La Vida - Full Video

Rough Copy – The X Factor UK 2013 – Viva La Vida – Full Video

Rough Copy judges critique:

Sharon Osbourne: Your version was great.

Gary Barlow: They love to try things.

Nicole Scherzinger: You never fail. You never disappoint. It was a bit vanilla for me, I was missing the chocolate. (OMG she’s so racist)

Louis Walsh: You’re doing a lot of things right.

Rough Copy – Viva La Vida – Video

Rough Copy – X Factor Live Shows, Week 6 ‘Viva La Vida’ on MUZU.TV.

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@Rickey I usually find Nicole's comments to be annoying, but she kind of has a point with them. Ip'm  guessing she mean't to say that they need to maintain that urban edge. Kind of like they had in Week 1 of the live shows when they sang Phil Collins but infused the song with some soul. Their vocals this week were too dry and kind of copycat.
I think they also did that soulful spin with the One Direction song "Little Things" that they sang in boot camp

Amanda 1
Amanda 1

Seriously, Nicole bugs me so much, she is so fake, I can't stand the way she talks, and I wish she would just go away as a mentor!


Paulina on X Factor U S A is worthless & annoying... I wish she would be X ed next season if there is A Season 4... Nicole got her faults does Simon :)...

Amanda 1
Amanda 1

@jewels Paulina is a pointless mentor, but she doesn't annoy me like Nicole does. I feel Nicole is so calculated, everything she does seems inauthentic and self-promoting.

But yeah, if there is an X Factor US next year, Paulina will no doubt get the boot!