Roger’s Time Machine — The Best Comic Book Store in New York City

I bought $65 worth of comics at Roger’s Time Machine yesterday — about half my monthly comic run. I need to cut down more since I haven’t been reading them all. Inertia — I don’t have the strength to shove you into the ditch. For example, I’ve purchased 49 issues of Conan — that’s 4 years worth — from Roger’s Time Machine, and I have not read a single issue. I’m justifying the pretty covers as motivation, but it’s the completist in me who has won the day. I don’t even give a crap about Conan — I just need to get the next issue!

If you live in New York City or visiting and need some comics, check out Roger’s Time Machine at 207 West 14th Street (2nd Floor). They are open all week, from lunch to 6:30 PM. New comics arrive on Wednesday. The $65 worth of comics? I got it for $50 plus free bags and boards. For the life of me, I have no idea how Roger calculates the discount or how much, but I get a discount which is what matters. I also get cool superhero t-shirts from them: Flash, Kid Flash, Spider-Man. Tell Roger or one of the staff that “Richard Y” sent you — yeah, “Richard” is my “professional” name before I started living inside the Internet, LOL. Either they will be happy to see you, or they will give you the evil eye, so good luck. Also, come in with a Mets cap, they will really like that.

Roger's Time Machine New York


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