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Rion Paige – Blown Away – The X Factor – Video


Rion Paige - Blown Away - The X Factor

Rion Paige – Blown Away – The X Factor

Rion Paige auditions with “Blown Away” on The X Factor season 3.

Rion is blind in one eye and suffers from a disease that causes her hands to curve a different way.

She’s so talented and only 13 years old!


Demi: Everyone can learn something from you
Paulina: Music heals everything.
Kelly: I just witnessed passion. Everything about you is incredible.
Simon: I think you’re literally extraordinary.

Another standing ovation. 4 Yes’s!

Watch the video:

13-year-old Rion Paige may not look like exactly like everyone else, but she’s certainly got THE X FACTOR. The pint-sized powerhouse has vocals that can kill and apparently a mischievous side that can get her into even more trouble.

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