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Rion Paige – Blown Away – The X Factor – Video


Rion Paige - Blown Away - The X Factor

Rion Paige – Blown Away – The X Factor

Rion Paige auditions with “Blown Away” on The X Factor season 3.

Rion is blind in one eye and suffers from a disease that causes her hands to curve a different way.

She’s so talented and only 13 years old!


Demi: Everyone can learn something from you
Paulina: Music heals everything.
Kelly: I just witnessed passion. Everything about you is incredible.
Simon: I think you’re literally extraordinary.

Another standing ovation. 4 Yes’s!

Watch the video:

13-year-old Rion Paige may not look like exactly like everyone else, but she’s certainly got THE X FACTOR. The pint-sized powerhouse has vocals that can kill and apparently a mischievous side that can get her into even more trouble.

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She is 13?? Her voice is so powerful, way beyond her years!


Someone very close to me has this same condition. She will be an inspiration for many.

Klope62 moderator

So cute, she seems so sweet! :)


Quite good -- especially for 13 -- but I think she was over-praised here.  I think she was shouting more than she was singing.


Thank you so much!! you are truly an inspiration, Our son Junhyo also has AMC, he is five, You will be such a great role model for him and for us!!  What great talent!!


Brought tear to my eyes, you are beautiful.  My grand baby was also born with Authrogryposis with beautiful bondle curly hair like yours.  Keep singing you sound like an angel.  I love your personality.