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Rickey.org’s Top 10 Vines of 2013

Rickey.org's Top 10 Vines of 2013

Rickey.org’s Top 10 Vines of 2013

Here are the Top 10 Vines of the 2013. Prepare to die of laughter. There were so many comedy gems from this social network, but here are just a few.

Everyone thought Vine was dead. Then they introduced the revine button and it totally changed the game and solidified the social network as an emerging new force for comedy and rising stars!

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10. Go Old Man

9. Shug Avery’s Back That Azz Up

8. What It Is, What’s Up

7. Wop Makeup Tutorial

6. Go Big Lexi

5. Do It For The Vine

3. F** Vine B*tch

2. Hi I’m Paul / Hello M*er

1. Come Get Y’all Juice

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I had no idea that Vine was so big on African American caricatures.


Just like "Black Twitter," there is a "Black Vine" and it's even more hilarious LOL


@Trey_ Really, there is a "Black Twitter?"  I tweet but only for work.  My personal life is not that interesting that I have to tweet about it.  That's what Facebook statuses are for, no?

I feel a little guilty for laughing and offended at the same time that this is what constitute for "Black Vine?"  This oxymoronic self-hipocrisy/self-righteous/self-indignation out of genuine concern is confusing as heck.  I'm not sure whether I should be laughing or I should be appalled.

Maybe I'm over-thinking all this, no?


@Rickey @jiggamang @Trey_ As for Twitter, I try to keep my Twitter as professional as possible but still personable (I call it profersonal LOL), because i have to use it for classes sometime and possible employment, but I still want it to be myself and what I do, like and enjoy. But so many of my friends are all in the essence of Black Twitter and embody it, I get caught up in all of that! 

As for Facebook, much of my generation (16-28) have taken to Twitter as their primary sour of talking about their life as opposed to Facebook, which is now dominated by our parents and grandparents who put lengthy statuses up. 

Rickey moderator

@jiggamang @Trey_ Once upon a time, before the international and One Direction  stuff started trending on Twitter, "Black Twitter" would take over the worldwide hashtags on a regular basis, specially in the evening hours. It still happens now, but not in the dominating way that it used to. I think it's more Urban culture Twitter/Vine really. Example: #SongTitlesForLebron type hashtags after a devastating loss. 

It's the same type of phenomenon on Vine, and even more so because it's visual and not just text. You can also hashtag on Vine.