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Rickey.org’s Top 10 Vines of 2013

Rickey.org's Top 10 Vines of 2013

Rickey.org’s Top 10 Vines of 2013

Here are the Top 10 Vines of the 2013. Prepare to die of laughter. There were so many comedy gems from this social network, but here are just a few.

Everyone thought Vine was dead. Then they introduced the revine button and it totally changed the game and solidified the social network as an emerging new force for comedy and rising stars!

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10. Go Old Man

9. Shug Avery’s Back That Azz Up

8. What It Is, What’s Up

7. Wop Makeup Tutorial

6. Go Big Lexi

5. Do It For The Vine

3. F** Vine B*tch

2. Hi I’m Paul / Hello M*er

1. Come Get Y’all Juice

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