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Rickey.org’s Last-Minute Holiday Gift Guide 2013

Another holiday season means another year of waiting until the last minute to actually get any shopping done. Strapped for ideas? Well, last year I did a last-minute shopping guide, but this year I’ve roped the rest of Team Rickey into my asinine scheme to get people to buy things. Because I’m all about shopping. Seriously, there are fewer people in the world who love being nuzzled to the warm, pillowy bosom of commerce as myself. So let’s get to it!

Rickey’s Recommendation of Ornamental Interest

By Rickey Yaneza



Need more Miley Cyrus wrecking it up on your Christmas? Well, don’t you ever say we just walked away from recommending this ornament to you. It’s not too late to make it happen! (Purchase)

Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball Christmas Tree Ornament

Cassie’s Kitschy Holiday Gift Selections

By Cassandra Rose

Manatea infuser

Manatea Infuser

Have a tea loving anglophile in your life? Looking for a way to drink your tea in a fashionable yet cute manner? Well look no further than this manatee tea infuser (manatea infuser if you will). Fill it with your loose tea of choice and attach it to the side of your favorite mug for the most adorable infuser you will ever see. Get one for you and a friend, because it’s hard to say no to that stupid looking face. (Purchase for $9.99: Perpetual Kid)

Graffiti Cocktail Shaker

Graffiti Cocktail Shaker

Yet another fun and functional gift for the pal or family member in your life who prefers spirits to loose leaves is this graffiti cocktail shaker. Disguised to look like something to tag a train or bridge with, it’s actually the perfect thing to make a shaken-not-stirred martini in. Not that you would actually want to drink that. Give it to the Justin Bieber in your life. Or, you know, someone who actually deserves it. (Purchase for $18/$20: Museum of Contemporary Art)

2014 Bubble Calendar

2014 Bubble Calendar

Calendars are normally pretty lame presents, unless it’s also a calendar that’s actually bubble wrap. Instead of marking off the days, pop them. The one problem is trying to only pop just one. Or the user could forget they have a calendar to begin with and pop all 28 to 31 days at once as need be. Yeah, that’s way more likely what’s going to happen to someone who gets this as a present. Physical calendars, they’re so much work. (Purchase for $30: Urban Outfitters)

The 1990s Coloring Book

The 1990s Coloring Book

Anyone born in the ’90s will love this gift: a coloring book full of all the nostalgia! The 64-page book is hilariously titled The 1990s Coloring Book: All That and a Box of Crayons (Psych! Crayons Not Included.) so you can imagine what amazingness you’re gifting someone with. Featuring scenes that are begging to be colored in in your best neons: like Zach Morris’ overly large cell phone, Biggie and Tupac rapping together, a Lisa Frank folder or one of Bill Cosby’s sweaters. (Purchase for $7.76: Amazon)

home stereo boom box

iHome Portable Boombox

For that much more special someone in your life who you don’t mind dropping a couple of Benjamins on, there’s an awesome iPod and iPhone dock in town which plays music and is disguised as a brightly colored, portable boombox. No worries, it comes in more colors than pink. And yes, it’s even portable as a boombox if it needs to be used to break dance in public or to share how much you care about someone with the sweet, sweet sounds of Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes.” (Purchase for $199.99: iHome)

Trey’s Music Manifest

By Trey M.

Fifth Harmony Better Together Box Set

Fifth Harmony Better Together Box Set

Know an avid Fifth Harmony fan? Get them the Better Together Box Set which includes the original CD, the remixes, acoustic, Spanish version & much more! Also comes with a 5H poster and iPhone 5 skin. Now you can have 5H with you all the time! (Purchase)

Beats by Dre Solo

Beats By Dre Solo

It’s never too late to cop you a pair of Beats By Dre headphones, especially since they are available for $199. (Purchase)

Sony USB Turntable

Sony USB Turntable

Transfer vinyl records to your computer with this cool USB turntable! While you’re at it, try to act like Sir-Mix-A-Lot! This comes at about $128! (Purchase)

Vickye’s Country Cornucopia

By Vickye

Who doesn’t love a gift that shows their country music pride, right? Let everyone know that you frickin’ love twang and you ain’t sorry with these awesome gift ideas, both for others and for treating yourself!


Heart of Dixie iPhone case

October Wish Phone Cases
SophieIsabella, founder of October Wish Designs, has supplied goods to the likes of Kacey Musgraves and hundreds of delighted fans all over the world, and that’s because she designs phone and tablet cases featuring country music lyrics. Not only are her designs beautifully artistic, but they’re often less expensive than the mass-produced alternatives, they feature a huge variety of artists AND she’s always happy to produce an entirely custom design with whatever you want! She also does posters and is always expanding her repertoire, not to mention the adorable way in which she personally hand packages everything. This is always my first choice for gifts! Her website is here and you can follow her on Twitter here, with previews of new and old designs! (Purchase / Follow on Twitter)

Garth Brooks shirt

Garth One Artist back

Vintage Basement clothing
Vintage Basement have a huge collection of real vintage concert t-shirts and band merchandise, some really rare stuff and an awesome collection of hats. If you want to show your appreciation of an artist and they just don’t sell that item you wanted anymore, well it’s likely that Vintage Basement will have it, for crazy awesome prices, going back through decades of country music. Plus, you might find a few to-die-for one-off pieces that the stars themselves wore. Check out the website here and follow them on Twitter! (Purchase / Follow on Twitter)

Spirit Tank

Junk Gypsy clothing and merchandise
Junk Gypsy is the be all and end all of awesome southern rebel-type items. Miranda Lambert is a huge endorser of their brand (her ‘Mama Tried’ shirt from her video for ‘Kerosene’ is from there), as well as the Pistol Annies and countless others from the country music community. Their online store is full of eccentric, southern gothic, bohemian, rebel, gypsy stuff, ranging from clothes to accessories to boots to stuff for the road to gift ideas and more. They’re truly the place to go, whether you’re looking for an awesome slogan t-shirt, some authentic cowboy boots or a full-length lime green frilly skirt. There’s more tassles and chunky gun jewelry than you can shake a stick at, and that’s just the way it should be. Enter Gypsyville here and follow them on Twitter! (Purchase / Follow on Twitter)

Noelle’s TV Stocking Stuffers

(Okay, maybe “Stocking Stuffers” isn’t quite right, but I’m running out of alliterative titles!)

By Noelle

Person of Interest Season 2 DVD

Person of Interest Season 2 DVD
We may only be halfway through the explosive third season of Person of Interest, but what better way to relive the fantastic second season than with a marathon? (Purchase)

Pretty Little Liars Season 3 DVD

Pretty Little Liars Season 3 DVD
The twists and turns never stop on ABC Family’s ‘Pretty Little Liars’. It’s easy to forget some of the clues we’ve picked up along the way. Relive every episode of season 3 of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ and pick up the DVD. (Purchase)

Joe Tranchina’s Treasure Trove of Cinema

By Joe Tranchina

James Dean Collectors Edition

James Dean Ultimate Collectors Edition Blu-Ray
He may have only had a three-film career, but his three movies are arguably better than some actors’ entire resumes. And now you can own the complete collection for the original big screen bad boy. (Purchase)

Apple TV

Apple TV with iTunes Gift Card
A surefire way to get on the good side of any media buff. Apple TV comes with 1080p HD programming, including iTunes movies and TV shows, Netflix, Vimeo, photos and more, all in HD. You can also access your purchased movies, TV shows, and music with iTunes Match directly from iCloud. In addition, you can stream video, games, and more from iOS devices using AirPlay, with music, videos, and photos available for streaming from PCs and Macs alike. Add in an iTunes gift card to get’em started, and you’re all set for a perfect gift for people who crave more movies, more TV…and just more. (Purchase)

Marlon Brando

Brando: Songs My Mother Taught Me (Autobiography)
Get the life story straight from one of the greatest actors the cinema has ever seen. Marlon Brando remains culturally relevant long after his peak, and nearly a decade after his death. Get a personal look into the man behind the iconic screen personas. (Purchase)

Paul Newman The Tribute Collection

Paul Newman: The Tribute Collection
Get the ultimate look into the career of one of film’s biggest icons. This collection features some of the actor’s greatest roles in some of his best-loved films, from The Long Hot Summer and Exodus, to Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and The Verdict. It’s an immaculate sampling of a monumental career. (Purchase)

Sex Panther Cologne

Sex Panther Cologne (From Anchorman)
The only thing better than this novelty cologne straight from Ron Burgundy’s dresser drawer to yours is the verbiage used to describe it: “60% of the time, it works every time; Made with bits of real panther; Illegal in nine countries; It smells like desire (or a used diaper filled with Indian food)”. In short, it’s a ringing endorsement of bottled Burgundy. (Purchase)

Nick’s TV Tokens and Assorted Esoterica

By Nick Roman

Breaking Bad The Complete Series

Breaking Bad: The Complete Series Blu-Ray Box Set
Breaking Bad has only just come to a close, but this deluxe box set is perhaps the most lavish, fully-involved collection for any show in a long time. The set includes a collectible replica money barrel, a 16-page booklet with exclusive letter to fans from creator Vince Gilligan, a commemorative challenge coin designed by Gilligan, and a Los Pollos Hermanos apron. Oh, and also all 62 hours of one of the best series of all-time on Blu-ray. There are additionally 55 hours of special features from all five seasons, and an all new two-hour documentary chronicling the series and its cultural impact. It’s a godsend for any Breaking Bad obsessive still in mourning over the loss of their favorite show. (Purchase)

Bberii Gemini Smart T Stick Solo

bberi smart stick remote

Bberii Gemini Smart TV Stick
Now here’s something that could prove useful for the discerning TV fan. The Bberii Gemini Smart TV Stick provides smart functionality to your regular old TV. Essentially, it turns your TV into a high-functioning Android tablet by enabling wi-fi for streaming shows and movies off the Internet, in addition to offer Android app functionality. Gmail, YouTube, Facebook, Angry Birds, it can all be on your TV with the click of a button. The Gemini even comes with a remote that flips over to reveal a QWERTY keyboard and air mouse. Badass. (Purchase)

Mad Men Don Draper Falling Silhouette Laptop Decal

Mad Men Don Draper Falling Silhouette MacBook / Laptop Decal
Want to make sure everyone at the coffee shop knows you’re a Mad Men fan? Well, maybe you do, maybe you don’t. Of course, I don’t know why you’d want to keep it a secret that you’re a fan of classy, prestige TV, so you might as well grab this laptop decal, which recreates the iconic “Falling Don Draper” silhouette from the opening credits. It’s not exactly the same as drinking an afternoon highball and nudging a secretary, but at least your computer can express the sentiment. (Purchase)

doctor who bathrobes

Doctor Who Bathrobes
I don’t know anybody who wouldn’t count a nice, hot shower among their daily “regenerations,” so these Doctor Who bathrobes would make for fitting attire both before and after. No, the bathrobes don’t actually make you The Doctor, anymore than a shower will actually count as a “regeneration” that changes your face, body, and personality. But hey, now you can look like Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor without having to cobble together the costume from various articles of clothing retrieved from a musty Goodwill men’s rack. (Purchase)

darth vader force glove

Darth Vader Force Glove
Use the Force…of magnets! Yes, this is probably something you could make at home, and yes, my tastes are obnoxiously simplistic if I’m going gaga over this, but seriously! You can fake having the Force! As long as the thing is metal! And as magnetic pull! Okay, yeah, maybe that doesn’t sound too impressive, but here’s the good part: you can do Force Pull AND Force Push! I’ve always wanted to launch things across a room without touching them! And you get an education about magnets too via the glove’s handy Learning Guide about the science behind the device. And if you’re not into the whole book-learnin’ bit, you can mess around with the complimentary droid and lightsaber cutouts for all your pushing/pulling needs. (Purchase)

Sega iPhone cases

SEGA Classic Game System Cases For iPhone 5

Anyone who says you can’t relive select moments of your childhood is a liar and a charlatan. Case in point: these Sega Genesis iPhone 5 cases, which will allow you to relive those bright-eyed Saturday mornings playing Toejam & Earl and wondering where all the Cinnamon Toast Crunch went, and why there never seems to be enough, for Cinnamon Toast Crunch is all that there is and all that shall ever be. The screens come in a wide variety of versions, from the original Mega Drive all the way up to the Sega Saturn. Each case comes with a matching custom screen protector, and is made of silicone to provide that look and feel that screams “Why, yes, I WAS born between 1984-1987, how could you tell?” (Purchase)

Grammar Plates

Proper Grammar Dinner Plates

This one doesn’t really have much of anything to do with TV or pop culture, but as the holder of a master’s in English (for I am a fan of useless things) I feel it incumbent upon myself to list this, if only for the betterment of the world’s grammar, which has fallen into an obnoxious state of disrepair. With these plates, you can be subtly fed proper grammatical information, all while you feed your face! It’s win-win for people who love to eat and learn in equal measure. It’s even great for people who just like to nibble and have things clarified. (Purchase)

Well, that’s it for our Holiday Gift Guide for 2013! Hope you found stuff to enjoy, and if not, hopefully we at least gave you some ideas. Let us know what you think in the comments, and have a Happy Holiday from all of us at Rickey.org!

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