Revolution – Season 3 Episode 3 – Recap – Love Story

Revolution - Season 3 Episode 3 - Recap - Love Story

Revolution – Season 3 Episode 3 – Recap – Love Story

Hey folks! Back here tonight with another recap of NBC‘s post-apocalyptic action drama, Revolution. All the action picks up right where it left off last week. The power going out was not good for anybody, but then they tried to turn it back on and immediately nuked Philadelphia and Georgia. So, power off is better I suppose. It’s still terrible, though, as evidenced by the continual stream of awful tragedies that happen to these people!

Revolution - Season 3 Episode 3 - Recap - Love Story - Monroe

Miles’s story picks right up where it left off last week, with him being taken in for a blood transfusion to a sick lady. The creepy bad guy reveals that this is his wife, who has terrible kidneys. He’s been replacing her blood manually for years, since there’s no dialysis or anything anymore. Mid-transfusion, after the bad guy leaves, somehow Rachel finds Miles?? Rachel and her dad come in through a sewer grate and knock out Miles’s lone captor, then they free the other folks (including Mrs. Bad Guy). an errant gunshot signals the start of the disposable henchmen parade. Low-level mooks from both side bite it hard to fuel the escape of the heroes and fury of the villain. The whole Good Guy group gets back to camp, but of course the bad guys followed. With Miles having Mrs. Bad Guy, the two groups are at a stalemate. Bad Guy is taken aside by one of his thugs, a big fellow who turns out to be the actual bad guy, an American Patriot who hired this group to frighten the town. Anyway, Mrs. Bad Guy really doesn’t want to go back, go she slits her wrists and hella dies while hostage negotiations are going on outside! Oh no!! The town preps to evacuate, but a spy gets word back to Bad Guy (Titus, someone calls him, so I guess his name is Titus) and an attack starts! As Titus looks on his dead wife’s body, he’s murdered by his American pal. In the battle outside, Rachel gets shot in the heart with a crossbow! Ah, no! 🙁 Luckily, America shows up with machine guns and just obliterate all the bad guys. Classic America.

Revolution - Season 3 Episode 3 - Recap - Love Story - Rachel

Also during this episode, Tom comes back to his son Jason with two American flag patches, a sign from the visiting Patriots that they’re on board. They’re soon after attacked by some opportunists who recognized Tom as one of Monroe’s generals. Tom and Jason are interrogated by one of the soldiers, but Tom talks his way out of it with a big, (porbably) honest speech about his wife and vengeance and hunting down Monroe.

Also also during this episode, Charlie and her buddy from the Monroe hunt end up getting attacked by Monroe. Well, the handsome boytoy gets conked on the head. Charlie is fine. He brings word that the US Government isn’t just looking for Monroe, but for Charlie’s mom Rachel also. Which means they must know about all those times Rachel did all that really bad stuff, like turning the power off that second time.

This season is starting to really pick up! There’s blood and bullets and the sort of stuff that plays to Revolution‘s strengths. Seeing Tom Neville’s journey from primary antagonist to righteous anti-hero is pretty neat. The writers seem to be aware of what problems existed in season one and are making choices creatively to solve them, so I’m sure things will only improve from here!

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