Revolution – Season 2 Episode 9 – Recap – Everyone Says I Love You

Revolution - Season 2 Episode 9 - Recap - Everyone Says I Love You - Charlie

Revolution – Season 2 Episode 9 – Recap – Everyone Says I Love You

NBC‘s Revolution is back off of a big cliffhanger. The show’s arc this season focuses heavily on Aaron Pittman, a former Google software engineer who helped shut down the power at the end of last season after the heroes finally got it back on. This season, he’s been able to somehow control the nanotech that continues to cause the blackout, using it to heal his won wounds and attack his enemies. Last episode ended with the villainous Dr. Horn having Aaron’s girlfriend Cynthia stabbed in the gut in an effort to get Aaron to use the healing power on someone besides himself.

Miles, Rachel, and Charlie come upon a seemingly-grizzly site. The Patriots (and local wildlife) are out cold in and around the facility where Aaron is being held. They discover Aaron is missing, and since the bad guys are starting to awaken, the crew heads out. They take a secret Patriot tunnel out of town. Rachel wants to turn back to retrieve her dad, but they can’t do it because the watch is coming by. Just as they’re about to get caught, Monroe shows up and slaughters all the bad guys. It is quite convenient to have an insane murderer on the team! Once they’re holed up someplace, Monroe is pissed at Miles for hiding Monroe’s son. Miles reveals a blood infection and says that if Monroe doesn’t help, the secret son stays a secret forever. They track down Aaron somehow and head into a school to fetch him. Aaron is gone, and Miles collapses from his illness as soon as he and Rachel are secured in a classroom. Charlie and Monroe are searching the rest of the school, but Monroe ditches as soon as the heat is on from their Patriots pursuers. He comes back to save Charlie, though. I don’t know why. Maybe he’s finally changed??

Revolution - Season 2 Episode 9 - Recap - Everyone Says I Love You - Monroe

Tom Neville somehow secures transport for himself and Jason to the White House, woah. On the train over, Tom spots his presumed-dead wife at one of the stops, smooching on another dude. Woah again! When she sees him pass through the dining car, we can tell from the look on her face that she thought him dead as he did thought of her. They go hide away in a luggage room an makeout hardcore. A tasteful scene transition keeps the proceedings PG, but the next time we see them, they’re just finishing getting dressed, so… yeah… Anyway, now that they’re on the same page, Tom doesn’t need to kill the President anymore. The pair agrees to keep their mouths shut in order to get whatever it is they want now. The pair carefully clues in Jason, who gets it and plays along.

Aaron wakes up in a trashed school. Cynthia is passed out nearby, but he checks her wound and it’s all gone. He probably did it with his nanobot superpowers. Anyway, Aaron meets this weird little kid who lives at the school and says Aaron carried Cynthia in under his own power. That’s… a bit odd. A creepo dude spies on them from the outside! Oh no! And worse, when Cynthia wakes up, there’s no kid. Aaron sure still sees the kid, which starts talking to Aaron as if this kid is the nanobots. It is the nanotech, yep. Aaron awakened the sentience in the hivemind by accident when he was turning the lights off again at the end of last season. Aaron and Cynthia are forced to flee when some Patriots show up, and he angrily tells the kid to leave. On their way out, the couple runs straight into a very armed Dr. Antagonist (Dr. Horn, is that it?) who looks half-crazed. The bad doc demands Aaron remove his tumor. He threatens to shoot Cynthia if Aaron will not comply, and he does.

Revolution - Season 2 Episode 9 - Recap - Everyone Says I Love You

Yeah… I am not happy with how this show has treated Cynthia. The only reason she exists seems to be as cannon fodder to motivate Aaron. That’s just a boring character. I like Aaron, and I like how the other characters are progressing. It seems oddly against the nature of the show to introduce a character just to ue her like this. Oh well. It was a good episode otherwise! Check out the preview below!

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