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Restless Road – Footloose – The X Factor – Video MP3

Restless Road The X Factor
Restless Road performed “Footloose” on The X Factor USA 2013 Top 12.

Simon wants them to showcase their personalities with an upbeat song.

I think Simon did a good job picking a song for these girls.

I think the girls will eat this one up.

I wish they had been able to move around the stage more and have fun. No one cares about all these background dancers.

Demi Lovato: You guys keep growing every week. Colton, right now you have the X Factor. The others need to step it up.
Simon Cowell: I love that you love being here. I have a real good feeling about you guys.
Kelly Rowland: I love you guys.
Paulina Rubio: I love you guys together. I love the song. It’s awesome.

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Restless Road – Footloose

Restless Road – Footloose – The X Factor USA 2013 – Video and MP3

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Does anyone else pick up on some sexual tension between andrew and zach?


Wondering if the tall guy with the deep voice have another dimension to his voice? may help the group gel better. 


Lols..... "these girls".  :)


The lead singer has potential, the other 2 gotta go.


These guys are mediocre at best..