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Restless Road – Fix You – The X Factor – Video MP3

Restless Road The X Factor Top 10

Restless Road performed “Fix You” on The X Factor USA 2013 Top 10 British Invasion Week.

Simon wants them to work on their awkwardness and stage presence.

The boys think taking their buddy to pick up chicks will help him on stage.

The girls are really gonna eat this performance up.

I think they are blending really well together. I like the harmonies.

Demi Lovato: I think that you’ve done better. I feel like Andrew’s harmonies were off.
Simon Cowell: I thought it was by far one of the best performances of the night by a mile. I don’t know what these girls are listening to.
Kelly Rowland: I feel like you needed to be more cohesive.
Paulina Rubio: I love how you sing together. That was brilliant.

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Restless Road – Top 10

Restless Road – Top 10 – The X Factor USA 2013 – Video and MP3

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