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Reality Check: ‘X Factor’, ‘Voice’ finales dissected

Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FOX

Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FOX

Reality Check with TVLine’s Michael Slezak and American Idol’s Melinda Doolittle is back with its season finale for the Fall/Winter 2012 cycle. In this episode, they dissect the victories of Tate Stevens and Cassadee Pope on the finales of The X Factor and The Voice, respectively.


I absolutely agree with the trajectory argument, and that’s been one of my biggest problems with The Voice, and one of the issues I continue to have with The X Factor. It’s strange, in the sense that Idol is one of the few shows to routinely get this right, whether through editing or backstage manipulation, in charting a path for contestants so that we can see their growth throughout the season – or, if not growth, at least a sense of progression through a variety of different genres so that it feels like they’ve been on a real journey by the time we get to the end. Although I don’t think any show has done the big finale reunion of the contestants better than The Voice. De’Borah didn’t make the top 12, but there she blessedly was! On X Factor, we didn’t even get Jennel Garcia, and Idol was obnoxiously devoid of any Reed Grimm appearances (What? I really enjoyed him!). Although I suppose one plus of not bringing back the entire top 16-24 is that we didn’t have to confront the “Not Ready For Primetime” stylings of Eben Franckewitz. When the holidays roll around, you count your blessings where they come.

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