Reality Check: Slezak and Doolittle talk elimination shockers

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Michael Slezak and American Idol‘s Melinda Doolittle are back to discuss the week in singing competitions, going over the unfortunate eliminations that plagued both The Voice and The X Factor.

After having watched the video, I have to admit I’m 100% in Slezak and Melinda’s camp. (And I’m not just saying that because I was on this show once.) There’s absolutely no excuse for holding back and hoping that you’ll get a chance to show everything yo’ve got at a later date. In particular, I, too, found it somewhat ridiculous that Emblem3 keeps promising to play their instruments at a later date, and then never delivering. I can certainly understand that the final choice rests with Simon (see also: the producers), but the boys are in control of what they do/don’t promise, particularly if they can’t be certain if it’s a promise they’ll be able to keep. But really, that’s picking nits, and there are bigger fish to fry this week.

Is Carly Rose human?

Is a Cassadee Pope victory inevitable?

And what led to Dez Duron’s downfall? (Try saying that twenty times fast, through the tears that will accompany the reminder that Dez is gone)

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Do you agree or disagree with what Michael and Melinda had to say?

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lol.  They had me until Melinda said Dez is a "realllly gooood singer".  They're both upset about Dez leaving and not a word about Cody?


@Mikhail XO Yes Michael is right but I don't care Carly Rose is still AMAZING!  lols

NickRoman1 moderator

@Mikhail XO @IdleTime Well, to be fair (and this will do nothing to dissuade you from the belief that I'm a secret "friend of Judy"), LOOK AT THE GUY! I mean, come on! Even I can't front on that face.

NickRoman1 moderator

@Mikhail XO @NickRoman1 @IdleTime Oh, I was just kidding around about the "one of us" talk. I don't care what people think I am, and I sincerely doubt anyone would care if I did. I just tend to over-explain things about myself because I can occasionally be sort of a moron. 

But hey, my man-crush on Dez doesn't preclude my admission that Cody is a handsome, handsome man.