Real Husbands of Hollywood – Season 1 Episode 9 – Video Recap & Review – Blackstabbers

Recap and review of Real Husbands of Hollywood Season 1 Episode 9 – Blackstabbers

NOTE: RHOH is a satirical comedy not intended to portray real life events, but Hollywood’s A-list urban actors & artists parodying their real lives. 

In last week’s episode, Kevin Hart  writes a tell all book about the rest of the guys and went out for vengeance. This week, Boris Kodjoe, JB Smoove, and Duane Martin are threatened by a bear via an iPad, and Oliver & My Wife & Kids’ Jennifer Freeman come along for the ride. Cedric the Entertainer pops up as well!

JB comes into Kevin’s house and gets Kevin’s BET Award for Think Like a Man saying he deserves it. Oliver says that he only had two lines! However, JB is tricked and leaves in distress and Oliver opens a closet full of awards.

Duane and Boris arrive at JB’s house prepared to go golf. They all get a text message saying if they don’t want pictures showing up on TMZ, then they need to come to the poker spot (Kevin’s house) now. Kevin apparently got pictures from Nick’s no cameras bachelor party and is blackmailing them.

Oliver opens the door when they arrive and says that Kevin is not here. He calls Duane sir and he gets agitated. Oliver says Kevin isn’t there and no one is there. Jennifer Freeman, Duane’s TV step-daughter from My Wife and Kids is in the pool and says he is with Oliver and they kiss! Boris says it is fake, but as they do it more they get grossed out.

Photo: BET

Photo: BET

All of the dudes are attracted to her and want some lemonade when she pours Oliver some. Boris brings up that all of this situation does not seem like Kevin. JB says that it is too calculated to be Kevin. Duane says he is jealous of their semi-happy marriages and JB says his is full happy! JB says he and his wife are happy because he lies (i.e. skinny / fat) as he recites the Lion King theme! He then reveals that his wife didn’t sign a pre-nup. JB says black women don’t sign pre-nups. He asks Jennifer would she do it and she says when she marries Oliver she will! Duane says marriage is a business deal. Jennifer tells all of them to just tell the truth to their wives and the truth will set them free.

Kevin sends a singing bellboy to sing to them and brings them a box. None of them open it up, and Jennifer has to. An iPad is in the box and it says “turn me on.” She turns it on and someone in the iPad dressed as a bear says “Where is Kevin” and that “the games haven’t begun yet.” Boris asks why are they doing it and the bear tells him to smack J.B and gives him five seconds to do it before he sends the pictures to TMZ. Boris delays in doing it so Jennifer does it! JB says he’ll call Damon Wayans – and to get her out of here! The bear says that they are going to do this like Survivor.

The first challenge is Zap Poker. The bellboy arrives back to the door and delivers them a package with a taser. The bear talks about Tisha & Nicole and doesn’t know JB’s wife’s name – just her instagram @JBsWife. JB loses first and Boris taxes him, then JB tases all of them and the bear is laughing.

The iPad goes out, but the bellboy arrives and brings a new one. The next challenge is for them to go get a package naked. JB, Oliver, Jennifer and Duane say they won’t due it – and of course Boris agrees to saying his body was made for this! He goes outside with no clothes on and all the rest of them are asking why he has so much oil on. There is a vicious dog outside and he tries to talk to him in German since it is a german shepard. He picks up the package and runs inside and says “I’ve got a package, both of them.”

Photo: BET

Photo: BET

In the package is a puzzle and the bear tells them they have ten minutes to solve it – and Duane rebuffs it. The bear says if not he’ll show the pictures to Tisha and reveals that Duane didn’t sign a pre-nip. Oliver apologizes to Jennifer for going through this and she says puzzles excite her. The puzzle is a crown and the bear starts laughing before “The King is here” pops up on the screen. Then Jennifer notices the bear is outside playing basketball.

The bear turns out the be Cedric the Entertainer! He says that all of the humiliated him at Nick’s bachelor party and said he could be part of the group – but they never called him! They say he doesn’t play golf nor like the Lakers but he says he does! Cedric says he doesn’t like sitting around the house with his wife, kids, dogs, mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and the dudes he dates. He says Steve Harvey has too many shows and suits, D.L. Hugley is too political, and the only friend he has is his wife.

Photo: BET

Photo: BET

Duane says that Kevin didn’t want anyone in the group funnier then him. Boris says it was because he shot Faison. Jennifer says they are ridiculous and calls them Basketball Wives with balls. Jennifer pulls Oliver away! They tell Cedric that Oliver convinced Jennifer he ways a Wayans. Cedric threatens to send the pictures out if he can’t go play golf with them! They ask for the phone back and Ced says its not over until the king says its over. Duane says its not like he’s a real king. Cedric says that one of them has to do the Cinnamon Challenge for 30 seconds, and then he’ll delete the photos. JB says he eats 12 cinnamon buns everyday – and he does it! JB coughs and runs in the pool! Cedric says that someone has to go next! Duane says that Ced has to do it next, then he can be in the group. He does it and passes out and faints. Boris says they need to call 911 – but JB and Duane have fled. Boris takes the phone and leaves Ced there. Oliver and Jennifer go outside and find them and Oliver almost gives him CPR before he wakes up. He said he has narcolespsy and falls asleep again during his interview. Cedric says that the guys have had enough and its time for Kevin to feel his pain. Kevin comes home and realizes his Richard Pryor portrait is gone and Cedric took it and falls asleep while driving.

Review: Like last week, this will go down as one of the best episodes of season 1 and one of the best thus far. However, the show has been so good lately its not like this is unordinary. Even though the show scaled back a lot on Kevin this week & we got to see more of Boris and Duane, that wasn’t even the reason why it was on fire. For the second week in a row, the guest-stars were incorporated greatly. May I say how good was it to see Jennifer Freeman from My Wife and Kids, back on TV again. This show pulls things like this and pull it off so well. Bravo, Real Husbands of Hollywood. Continue setting the standard.

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